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Why Outbound Calls Don’t Always Connect?

Contact Centers making outbound calls expect their calls to connect, but not every carrier is equipped or willing to provide service that meets their business needs. This whitepaper will walk you through the main factors impacting the efficiency of your outbound calls and the tools & strategies to address them for better results.

Get a Complete Understanding of Outbound Calling

This document will discuss the significant factors carriers consider regarding the nature of outbound traffic. We will look at the challenges posed by different types of traffic, telecom-related challenges within the carrier networks, and how to optimize your ability to deliver high-quality calls with high completion rates.

You will learn:

  • The 4 KPIs carriers use to measure the quality of outbound calls
  • What “good” and “bad” traffic means
  • The 3 common issues when making outbound calls on carriers not designed for Contact Center traffic
  • How can NobelBiz provide a high call completion rate for all types of traffic?
  • The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network Design
Get the full understanding of outbound calling in the Contact Center environment! This way you’ll make better-informed decisions, especially when choosing the right carrier for your business needs.

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