Nobelbiz Webinars – Live roundtable

Mastering Workforce Management: Unleashing Efficiency & Satisfaction in Contact Centers

Unlocking Workforce Potential: Strategies for Success

Join us for an exclusive webinar on mastering workforce management and unlocking the potential for efficiency and satisfaction in contact centers. Led by moderator Carl Stuerke, Contact Center Software Consultant at NobelBiz, alongside guest speakers Michael McGuire, Contact Center Software Consultant at NobelBiz, and special guest Roger Woolley, Chief Marketing Officer at CommunityWFM, this event promises invaluable insights into strategies for success. Discover cutting-edge solutions, gain expert advice, and learn how to optimize your contact center operations for maximum impact. Don’t miss out – register now to secure your spot!

You will learn:

✅ An explanation of WFM in contact centers and its role in optimizing a call center’s processes.

✅ Common challenges encountered in workforce management and quality monitoring within contact centers.

✅ How these challenges impact overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

✅ A detailed exploration of the significance of WFM in contact centers, emphasizing its ability to leverage automation for time and cost savings, with a focus on the rich automation capabilities of our offering.

✅ Introduction to the strategic partnership between Nobelbiz and CommunityWFM, and how their combined solutions offer a holistic approach to contact center management.

✅ A comprehensive overview of CommunityWFM’s software features, including forecasting, scheduling, and real-time adjustments.

✅ How CommunityWFM solutions complement CCaaS products by offering specialized workforce management solutions, addressing a gap that many tech giants find challenging to fill.

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Join a lively conversation with:

Carl Round

Carl Stuerke

Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

Carl is a business operations leader with 12+ years of customer support experience in the tech industry and a passion for leadership and scaling/developing teams.

In this episode, Carl will host and moderate the discussion and the Q&A session at the end.


Roger Woolley

Chief Marketing Officer, CommunityWFM

Roger Woolley is a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer with nearly three decades of expertise in the field. Throughout his career, he has held pivotal roles, including Vice President of Marketing at prominent corporations. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Roger has honed his skills in strategic marketing, brand management, and market development.

Michael McGuire

Senior Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

With over two decades of contact center expertise, Mike excels in strategic execution and adeptly communicates across all management tiers. Proficient in analysis, staff management, and team leadership for surpassing service level requirements, he successfully launched five international call centers and managed ten as a Center/Regional Manager.

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