End the Nightmare of Call Labeling & Blocking

The Ultimate Guide for Contact Centers

As we will see, there are multiple overlapping entities, systems, algorithms, and behaviors that can influence the “fate” of a number. There is no golden rule for understanding this phenomenon, as no silver bullet can instantly “fix” the call labeling and blocking issue. It all depends on what type of calls you’re placing, why you’re placing them, to whom, what’s your number management plan, your dialing strategy, and so on.

In this eBook, you will learn about the intricate mechanisms behind call labeling and blocking and what influences the classification of your calls. In the second part of the document, we will detail how to tackle this problem and create a mitigation strategy to fit your business model and call behavior.

Get a complete understanding of how overcome the nuissance of call labeling and blocking

When it comes to technology, each call center must consider its own goals and objectives. Some factors such as agent productivity, quality customer experience or data accuracy cannot be overlooked.

Topics presented:

✅ Why do Numbers get labeled and blocked?

✅ Who decides to block or label a call?

✅ How can you know if your numbers are labeled or blocked?

✅ 5 Common Misconceptions about Call Labeling and Blocking

✅ Dialing Strategy, Number Management, Branding

✅ And more…

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