OMNI+ Awaken Scripting: Complex Scripting, As Easy as 1, 2, 3

NobelBiz Awakens to a Whole New Way of Managing Scripts

NobelBiz partners with Awaken Intelligence to bring unrivaled scripting capabilities to its cloud contact center omnichannel ecosystem.

OMNI+ Awaken Scripting greatly simplifies the creation and implementation of new scripts, making this something a manager or a supervisor can easily do without the need to involve a developer.

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Harness the benefits of an automated scripting tool

OMNI+ Awaken Scripting gives contact centers greater control over their customer service process flow, allowing agents to quickly and accurately address customer needs and resolve issues. Contact centers can now reap the full list of benefits that come with an integrated and automated scripting tool:

Reduce training time

by up to 70%

Improve employee retention

by over 25%

Reduce handling times

by over 30%

Dynamically present information
when required
Enable effective knowledge retention and transfer
Streamline post-call escalations and contact methods

100% Browser-Based: Simple to use graphical editor

The new graphical editor is designed to provide non-technical people with the capability to create scripts quickly and easily, accelerating roll-out of campaigns.

Awaken Scripting is embedded in the NobelBiz ecosystem: the OMNI+ Cloud Contact Center Software and The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network.

Compliance Just Got Easier

The use of an advanced scripting tool is essential for contact centers in the US to remain compliant and up-to-date with evolving regulations. The OMNI+ Awaken Scripting Tool provides intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for quickly creating powerful automated scripts that ensure compliant customer service delivery.

Contact center managers can also access audit tracking and compliance reporting, helping their business remain compliant with local and federal regulations. The OMNI+ Awaken Scripting Tool will simplify and streamline the process of creating, managing, and regulating contact center scripts, helping to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

Drastically reduce your training burden

Training agents is an essential but costly area of your business operations. Ensuring they are up to speed to adequately handle customer enquiries goes hand in hand with the investment it takes to get them there. With OMNI+ Awaken Scripting you remove many of the typical training hurdles by giving agents a single user interface to interact with.

This ensures they don’t need to go digging around for customer information (often placing the customer on hold) and can be trained on a single service process, rather than knowing the ins and out of multiples systems and processes.

Hassle-Free Scripting: How it works

Visual Editor
Drag-and-drop editor utilizes accessible low-code, with 40+ controls that can be combined to create scripts for any contact center process.
Unified Desktop
Consolidates disparate systems through integration to give agents a unified interface.
CTI, Customer Information,
and screen pop
The common-key link between telephony and contact guidance for on-demand screen pop-ups of appropriate scripts for incoming records and calls.
Data extracts

Scheduled or run on demand.
Extract the data from the scripts when required.

SMS and email integration
Drag-and-drop editor utilizes accessible low-code, with 40+ controls that can be combined to create scripts for any contact center process.
Wizard-driven integration for JSON web services and database access for bi-directional data transfer between scripts and external sources.

Free On-Demand Workshop

Unveiling the Power of Call Center Dynamic Scripting, with Wil Sokanovic

Join a captivating workshop hosted by Brad Butler, featuring Wil Sokanovic from Awaken Intelligence. Discover the game-changing OMNI+ Awaken Scripting tool that simplifies dynamic script creation and empowers agents to address customer needs effortlessly.

Learn the benefits of scripting automation, and transform your contact center operations. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your customer service process flow!

Use Cases

OMNI+ Awaken Scripting is designed to accommodate the scripting needs of ANY type of contact center where clear communication and agent-client connection are essential.

Boost Lead Generation with One Simple Swipe

The protection offered by the OMNI+ powered by Safe Select, also looks beyond the voice-only environment. It allows contact center businesses or departments to stay compliant in an omnichannel environment (Phone, Email, SMS, Chat, etc.)

Streamline Your BPO

Leveraging a powerful scripting tool in your BPO call center can significantly boost efficiency by eliminating errors and bottlenecks in customer interactions.

OMNI+ Awaken Scripting can help automate many mundane tasks associated with outbound and inbound campaigns, improving customer satisfaction and quality control.

Increase Efficiency for Insurance Call Centers

Incorporating OMNI+ Awaken Scripting into your insurance call center can drastically reduce customer wait times and maximize agent effectiveness. Our advanced scripting software features advanced automated tools to simplify routine processes and enable agents to provide more direct and efficient customer service.

Enhance Banking Call Centers with Enhanced Scripting

Scripting tools can help banking call centers increase efficiency and reduce costs. Automated scripts can help agents quickly resolve account issues and answer customer inquiries, allowing faster and more efficient customer support.

But that’s not all; leveraging an effective scripting tool can also minimize costly customer service mistakes.

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Change, tweak, and A/B test your scripts on the fly with the new OMNI+ Awaken Scripting!

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We provide a high-quality carrier-of-carriers network that connects the world. Beyond that, our efficient omnichannel contact center software builds on our already extensive portfolio of services so our clients get a complete contact center solution built for their needs.

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