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With NobelBiz OMNI+, you can access cutting-edge Contact Center Call Recording Software that goes beyond standard features. Its advanced capabilities include secure cloud storage, ensuring your recordings are easily accessible and protected.

The software’s precise metadata capabilities allow for efficient search and retrieval, empowering your team with valuable insights. Whether for compliance, training, or quality assurance purposes, NobelBiz OMNI+ delivers a comprehensive call recording solution tailored to elevate your contact center operations and drive better outcomes.


Easily record, store, manage, and access campaign recordings.

Besides offering a complete overview of entire campaigns, the recordings can be listened to directly from the supervisor’s interface, straight from an internet browser, as soon as the call has ended. The Digital Call Recording feature of NobelBiz OMNI+ takes monitoring, training, and evaluation to new heights of excellence.

NobelBiz OMNI+ empowers contact centers with advanced Contact Center Call Recording Software, ensuring seamless recording, storage, and management of campaign interactions. With cloud storage and precise metadata capabilities, supervisors gain a comprehensive overview of entire campaigns. The convenience of accessing and listening to recordings directly from the supervisor’s interface via any internet browser enhances monitoring, training, and evaluation processes.

By leveraging the Digital Call Recording feature, contact centers can drive excellence, foster continuous improvement, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by capturing valuable insights and providing targeted coaching based on real-time interactions.

Quick Storage and Precise Metadata for Every Call Recording

Every call is meticulously recorded and seamlessly stored in the secure cloud infrastructure, ensuring easy accessibility and robust data protection. The inclusion of unique identification metadata enhances organization and simplifies the retrieval process, enabling contact centers to efficiently analyze, review, and use recorded conversations for training, compliance, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.
  • Date and Time Stamp: Each call recording is tagged with the exact date and time it occurred, ensuring accurate tracking and easy reference for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes.
  • Agent Identification: The metadata includes the name of the agent who handled the call, allowing supervisors to assess individual performance, provide targeted feedback, and monitor agent effectiveness in real-time.
  • Customer Phone Number: The customer's phone number is captured in the metadata, enabling contact centers to quickly identify and retrieve specific call recordings for addressing customer inquiries, resolving disputes, or conducting customer-centric analysis.

The comprehensive call recording and metadata capabilities of NobelBiz OMNI+ empower supervisors to address customer complaints swiftly. In the event of an agent-related issue, supervisors can easily identify and retrieve the specific call in question directly from their web browser.

This immediate access allows for prompt investigation, accurate evaluation, and effective resolution, ensuring that customer concerns are promptly addressed, and the necessary actions are taken to maintain a high level of service quality.

Partial Call Recording Capabilities for Secure Sensitive Information Exchanges

NobelBiz OMNI+ prioritizes data security, including the protection of sensitive information during customer interactions. The partial call recording feature ensures compliance with PCI standards by allowing agents to pause the recording when collecting sensitive data. This enables a secure environment where confidential information, such as credit card details, can be exchanged without being stored in the call recording.

By adhering to the highest data security standards, NobelBiz demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding customer information and maintaining trust. The digital call recording function serves as a crucial component in this endeavor, ensuring that sensitive data is handled responsibly and securely. Agents can confidently engage with customers, knowing that their conversations involving sensitive information are protected, minimizing the risk of data breaches and promoting a secure customer experience.

With partial call recording capabilities, NobelBiz OMNI+ strikes a balance between providing efficient customer service and maintaining data security. This feature enables contact centers to fulfill their compliance obligations, protect customer privacy, and instill confidence in their operations, all while delivering exceptional service and maintaining a seamless customer experience.

The recording function has really helped us to be able to raise the bar by being able to hear the calls of our agents and how they sound, to show them where they can make improvements. This is really a great feature that we’ve enjoyed using.
Brad Dashnaw, CEO @ Shift Marketing

Why Businesses Need Call Recording in their Contact Centers

By leveraging contact center call recording software like NobelBiz OMNI+, businesses gain a powerful tool for driving customer satisfaction, agent performance, compliance, and operational excellence. It enables continuous improvement, fosters better customer relationships, and contributes to long-term business success.

Using a contact center call recording software offers numerous benefits for businesses aiming to enhance their operations and customer interactions. Here are some key advantages:

Quality Assurance

Call recording allows supervisors to evaluate agent performance, provide constructive feedback, and identify areas for improvement. It serves as a valuable training tool for maintaining service quality and consistency.

Dispute Resolution

Recorded conversations provide an objective reference for resolving disputes or addressing customer complaints. Supervisors can review the interactions to gather accurate information and take appropriate actions, ensuring fair resolutions.

Compliance and Legal Protection

Call recording helps meet regulatory requirements and industry standards, particularly in sectors such as finance and healthcare. It provides evidence for compliance audits and legal purposes, protecting businesses from potential litigation risks.

Training and Coaching

Call recordings serve as a valuable resource for training new agents and developing existing ones. By analyzing real-life customer interactions, supervisors can identify successful techniques, share best practices, and coach agents to deliver exceptional customer service.

Customer Insights

Listening to recorded calls provides valuable insights into customer preferences, needs, and pain points. This knowledge can guide business strategies, improve products or services, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Other OMNI+ Unified Agent Desktop features

Real-Time Monitoring in Call Centers
The Real Time Data capabilities of NobelBiz OMNI+ allow real-time reporting on running campaigns inbound, outbound or blended.
Work From Home (WFH)
In today’s world, working from home is not a luxury anymore. This is probably the one feature that your agent will love the most.
Completely Web Based
Internet and a browser window are everything your agents need to get complete access to all the complex features of NobelBiz OMNI+.

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