How to Achieve Customer Engagement with Call Center Technologies?

How to Achieve Customer Engagement with Technologies?

While there is no single, all-encompassing definition of customer engagement, it can be thought of as a customer’s feeling for a brand. For call centers, customer engagement is a proxy for the quality of the relationship between their business and their client.

How critical is customer engagement? What are the most effective call center technologies for increasing customer engagement? We answer it all.

Key Points:

  • Customer Engagement will more likely lead to additional purchases, customer loyalty, and good e-reputation.
  • CCaaS is paramount for customer engagement
  • Your call center needs to filter the correct Data with the CRM
  • Web Call Back is the right solution for high-volume demands

Why is Customer Engagement so critical? And which call center technologies should you use?

Engaging one’s clientele is essential for various reasons. Customers who strongly connect to your brand are more likely to make additional purchases, remain loyal, and spread positive feedback about your business.

Keeping in touch with your customers and providing them with consistently high-quality service is essential to the success of your business. But deploying the right customer engagement strategies may take time and effort.

The larger you become, the more challenging it is to keep up with customer demands. But it can be easy to keep customers interested!

Here are just a few ways to maximize your customer engagement efforts:

Customer communication is a vital component of your business, and it’s essential to establish a proper interaction flow. Depending on the size of your business, you can create different channels to help with communication.

Some businesses use a call center to handle customer inquiries and other similar matters. Even though this is a great option, you can also use the phone to conduct customer interactions by dialing a toll-free number.

To succeed, all you need is the right call center technologies:

1. Deploy CCaaS to create a seamless omnichannel customer journey

Omnichannel is no longer an option for call centers; it’s a must! When making purchases, customers have varying preferences across various communication channels.

Choose a more efficient means of communicating with and informing your customers using a cloud contact center solution – CCaaS. Engage with your customers using a variety of channels, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, Webchat, e-mail, Social media, and so on.

In addition, business owners may employ user behavior analysis to learn more about their clients, allowing them to serve their customers better and increase the likelihood that one-time purchases or positive interactions will become regular.

But make no mistake! You must deploy actual omnichannel technologies. What does that entail?

  • Handling all communication channels (WhatsApp, Messenger, E-mail, SMS, Webchat, and Phone )
  • Building comprehensive Data and history for clients that interact on more than one channel
  • An extensive list of integrations, including CRM and APIs
  • A unified console that can help you track the most important KPIs of your business
  • Performances that can be tracked, tweaked, and ultimately enhanced
  • Let’s say you choose a cloud CCaaS provider with a chat-based solution for your company. There are numerous Cloud Call Center as a Service solutions that you may select from. However, as you may imagine, choosing the best-suited one requires a careful and profound analysis of your business needs
  • Many call center solutions use plain text and thus lack support for your specific needs.
  • In most cases, this kind of solution is costly and hence tends to restrict the adoption of such solutions.

For example, with the CCaaS Solution NobelBiz Omni+, your call center can use a data-driven strategy that considers the whole customer’s journey to achieve greater user engagement. It is helpful to monitor campaign results, product data, and channel output all in one place to identify problem areas.

On the other hand, launching separate campaigns on different communication channels is one thing. Still, creating and coordinating all these efforts from a single dashboard is another thing. Setting your campaigns in NobelBiz OMNI+ is as easy as dragging and dropping elements into place.

Omnichannel will become a must, a path that all customers go through. While omnichannel plays a key role, it is still crucial to focus on the Optichannel to fully understand your customer base and their channel preferences. Please find out more from our podcast episode Understanding your customer: Omnichannel vs. Optichannel

2. Gain Valuable Data with a CRM System

The information gained from customer satisfaction surveys and customer relationship management CRM tools is priceless. If you’d like to propose an offer tailored to your target’s needs and context, you can use the online comments linked with the reviews to identify the areas of improvement.

First, the data you collect can help you provide a better service to your clients. If the customer believes his input is valued, he will be more likely to make a purchase. A future interaction may elicit feedback or even more advanced recommendations.

Determine the most valuable resources by compiling data on the entire client journey.

For example: if you own a small online business, you should consider using analytics to increase consumer engagement. Many other measures, such as usage rates and user activity, can be used to assess the level of customer involvement.

Control everything across multiple channels from a single, easy-to-use interface that communicates with your CRM and other business apps. Provide your agents with a unified console that shows the customer from every angle and relevant data history.

Set up automated notifications and personalized journeys to improve interactions and deliver better experiences. You can also gain significant customer insights and enhance business efficiency.

Vendors can provide an extended value to your business when they work together to form a cohesive strategy by building the right technology stack and creating customer experience management (CEM) processes. The path to digital transformation begins with your goal to focus on delivering relevant and personalized services and experiences.

3. Web Call Back: The best feature to deal with high-volume phone calls

The customer can schedule a callback through the Web Call Back feature. Automatic callback requests are still the best method for leveling out call volumes and cutting down on hold times.

Both mobile and desktop users heavily use this feature before making a purchase. In addition, they can schedule a time to speak with a call center agent over the phone.

In other words, the time spent trying to contact a potential client or consumer will be significantly reduced. The terms of a confidential phone call are determined solely by the client.

An outbound call center can increase sales using a Web Call Back feature. For example, providing a streamlined phone number at critical points in the buying process to facilitate the purchase, reassure about the exchange terms, offer advice, highlight deals, etc.

To sum up, Web Call Back helps decrease customers’ frequency of abandoning their calls and actively reduces high-volume phone calls.

In conclusion, Web to call solutions can address a wide range of problems:

  • For example, can you tell whether a customer needs help while shopping on your website? Click-to-Call buttons streamline phone access while bringing in a high volume of hot leads.
  • Do your clients become impatient waiting for advice or assistance? Then, initiate a callback request with Web Call Back and wow them.
  • Is it necessary that your customers feel supported at crucial junctures in the buying process? Use Click to Call to get more phone calls from your site’s visitors and raise your conversion rate.
  • Does your customer service team’s efficiency fluctuate wildly, up and down? Then, callback requests can be scheduled by agent availability using Web Call Back.

4. Pay by Phone IVR System

Secure voice payment solutions for callers are made available through the IVR payment system, reducing the burden on call center agents and customer frustration, all while enhancing cash flow.

You can protect your clients’ privacy and sensitive information with an IVR Payment option that provides easy and safe payment opportunities.

What is the process of making a payment using IVR?

  • Your call center IVR would perform ID&V and then forward the call to a payment gateway when a customer initiated a transaction.
  • The gateway will communicate with your IVR service to verify all financial details.
  • The contact center software supplier handles the IVR process and any necessary integrations with your payment processor and customer relationship management (CRM) database.
  • A customer’s credit card information is recorded by DTMF or keypad tones once they enter it.
  • Your chosen payment service provider is integrated into the transaction for processing.
  • The call center software receives the finalized transaction details, and the payment gateway reconciles them.

How do IVR payments help clients?

  • Safe and sound cashless transactions
  • Improve your conversion rates with an effective customer payment IVR.
  • savings in processing expenses
  • Clients can make purchases around the clock

Final Point

In a saturated market, exceptional service can fuel growth by exceeding customers’ expectations.

There are two prerequisites for a customer to have an acute and consistent desire to engage with a call center. You need to actively listen to your target audience’s requirements as much as you need to promote your business by using the right technologies and engagement strategies.

First, it’s crucial to maintain a positive public perception of your business, as the loyal consumer will develop a personal attachment to it. Conversely, if your online reputation is poor, your customers will see you negatively and may even feel misled, causing them to reject any customer experience you’re building.

Second, it’s crucial to provide a sound customer feedback system where clients may share their opinions, criticism and, most importantly, be incorporated into the process of improving your product or service.

Abdelmounim Benharouga has always had a strong passion for writing and digital marketing.  He started as a Digital Content Writer part of marketing department then moved to being Customer Success Manager for the African Region within the Nobelbiz team.

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