Chatbot Evaluation Metrics and KPIs

Chatbot Evaluation Key Performance Metrics

The chatbot is not a new technology but it remains revolutionary in its use. Today more than ever, it is a perfect support tool and a true key component of the omnichannel strategy. However, when it comes to contact centers, the strategy involves planning, analysis, and above all numbers. Here’s everything you need to know about chatbot evaluation metrics and performance indicators.

What is at Stake with Chatbot Metrics and their Evaluations?

Chatbots are useful and convenient for solving easy customer requests. However, many brands still encounter problems in their deployments. The reason is a lack of call center strategy to measure chatbots’ effect on customer experience. In other words, there is a need to pinpoint metrics and KPIs that are most relevant to the effectiveness of this communication channel.

Which Chatbot KPI Do You need to Follow?

When it comes to KPIs, even the most knowledgeable contact center experts can get lost in them. To help you, here are the 5 most critical indicators in your evaluation of this communication channel.

1 – Activation Rate

Before you can quantify the effectiveness of your Chatbots. You must first make sure that customers are using it. Hence the role of the activation rate, which accurately determines the extent to which your customers use the Chatbots channel for the first time. This KPI is calculated monthly and allows you to determine the new, most active, and engaged users.

In addition, if you compare the total number of users with the volume of requests or sales handled by all of your customer service channels, you will have a better idea of the effectiveness and visibility of the tool as a communication channel.

2 – Retention Rate

The next step is to determine how many customers are returning to the chatbot. Whether it is monthly, quarterly, or annually, you can accurately determine the percentage of customers using your communication channel after their first use. Based on this percentage called retention rate, you can see if the level of investment in chatbots is a sustainable option for your contact center. If not, you will have to make major technological changes.

It should be noted that a customer who comes back often to the Chatbot may be a customer whose problem has not been solved. Or he may simply prefer it as a communication channel. Data analysis should therefore be done sparingly.

3 – Response time

As they say, time is money. A recent study revealed that 62% of Americans prefer chatbots as a method of communication. Why? Simply because they can answer their questions and requests quickly. So it is important for your contact center to ensure that your conversational robot can respond instantly to users.

It doesn’t stop here! Your communication channel must not only provide solutions that best solve your customers’ concerns. But also to quickly refer to an agent in a fluid and attractive way. Measuring the response time for each customer is a key factor in evaluating the effectiveness of the technology.

4 – Confusion Rate

Technology is not perfect! Confusion rate refers to the percentage of exchanges during which a chatbot will be disturbed when it has to respond to an unexpected request. Even if the mechanics of your artificial intelligence are well optimized, it is likely to derail. In this case, the client exchange should be redirected to agents.

But be aware that the rate of confusion can be significantly reduced. You can do this by improving the programming and training of your chatbot before and when you use it.

5 – Customer Satisfaction

This Key Performance Indicator is a simple answer to a simple question. Do your clients like your chatbot?

The solution is even more simple, you can ask clients to rate their experience after finishing their interactions. Make sure that each exchange can be rated by your customers. The best example would be implementing a 5-star rating system or a 1 to 5 scale.

A Springboard for High Performance

KPIs help you understand the problems your clients are experiencing when using your chatbot. Of course, at launch expect a slow adoption since you will have to make changes often. But the most important thing is to know how to choose the indicators that show where users are stuck with your Chatbot and to quickly identify ways to correct this.

In short, while Chatbot is not a technological innovation, it is a revolution in customer experience. If you can master this channel with your customers with the right performance indicators, you will have an excellent tool that can modernize and redefine your contact center.

On the brand side, Chatbots are the trend for high-quality customer service. But as a Contact Center, excellency in customer experience starts by perfectly blending agents and technology. That is why you need a solution like Omni+ from NobelBiz. A Technology that allows your agents to operate across all communication channels in a smooth and simple manner.

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