What is Call Blending and how does it help your Call Center?


Contact centers have consistently been early adopters of technologies that improve interactions between agents and customers. One of the most impactful advancements in recent years is call blending. But what exactly is call blending, and why is it becoming an essential tool in call centers?

What is Call Blending?

Call blending is a dynamic call center strategy that merges inbound and outbound call operations into a seamless workflow. By allowing agents to handle both types of calls, call blending maximizes resource utilization and improves overall efficiency. In a blended call center, the focus is on ensuring that agents are always engaged, whether they are addressing incoming customer inquiries or making outbound calls for sales or follow-ups.

What Is a Blended Dialer?

A blended dialer is a sophisticated piece of software designed to support call blending by automatically managing and balancing inbound and outbound call traffic. It integrates with the call center’s existing infrastructure to streamline operations, ensuring that agents are assigned tasks based on real-time demand. This technology enables call centers to dynamically switch between inbound and outbound calls, thereby reducing idle time and improving agent productivity.

“Call blending is the art of maximizing efficiency in a call center by seamlessly merging inbound and outbound operations, ensuring that agents are always productively engaged and customer interactions are consistently optimized.” – Christian Montes

“Call blending is the art of maximizing efficiency in a call center by seamlessly merging inbound and outbound operations, ensuring that agents are always productively engaged and customer interactions are consistently optimized.”– Christian Montes, Executive Vice President of Client Operations @NobelBiz

Advantages of Call Blending

1. Efficiency and Productivity

Call blending significantly enhances operational efficiency by ensuring that agents are always occupied with productive tasks. This minimizes idle time and maximizes the utilization of available resources. By dynamically allocating calls based on real-time demand, call centers can maintain a steady flow of work and improve overall productivity.

The average incoming call abandon rate for global call centers was 6.44% in 2021, highlighting the importance of managing hold times and call volumes to reduce abandoned calls. – Time Doctor

2. Agent Morale

When agents are constantly engaged and challenged with a variety of tasks, it can lead to higher job satisfaction. Call blending reduces monotony by allowing agents to switch between different types of calls, which can help prevent burnout and improve morale. A happier, more engaged workforce is likely to provide better customer service and be more productive.

3. Increased Revenue Opportunities

By enabling agents to handle both inbound and outbound calls, call blending opens up new revenue opportunities. For instance, agents can capitalize on inbound calls to upsell or cross-sell products and services. Similarly, during slower periods, they can switch to making outbound calls to follow up on leads or reach out to potential customers, thus driving sales and boosting revenue.

Disadvantages of Call Blending

1. Lack of Specialization

One of the main drawbacks of call blending is the potential lack of specialization among agents. Handling both inbound and outbound calls requires a broad skill set, and not all agents may be equally proficient in both areas. This can lead to inconsistent performance and impact the overall quality of customer interactions.

2. Low Sales Productivity

In some cases, call blending might result in lower sales productivity. When agents are required to handle a mix of inbound customer service inquiries and outbound sales calls, it can be challenging to maintain the same level of focus and effectiveness in closing sales. The constant switching between different types of calls can also disrupt an agent’s workflow and reduce their overall efficiency in generating sales.

How to Choose a Blended Contact Center Software – What to Look For

Selecting the right contact center software is a crucial step in implementing an effective call blending strategy. Here are some key features to consider:

Smart-Routing Capabilities

Smart-routing ensures that calls are directed to the most appropriate agent based on predefined criteria such as the agent’s skill set, availability, and current workload. This helps in optimizing call distribution and enhancing the overall efficiency of the call center.

Skills-Based Routing

Skills-based routing matches incoming calls with agents who possess the specific skills needed to handle the inquiry effectively. This ensures that customers are always connected with the right agent, leading to quicker resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

Customizable Inbound-Outbound Call Ratios

Having the flexibility to adjust the ratio of inbound to outbound calls based on real-time demand is essential for maintaining optimal performance. Customizable call ratios allow call centers to dynamically allocate resources and ensure that agents are always productively engaged.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR systems can help manage inbound call traffic by allowing customers to self-serve for routine inquiries. This reduces the burden on live agents and ensures that they are available to handle more complex interactions. An effective IVR system can improve call center efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

Dynamic Scripting

Dynamic scripting provides agents with real-time guidance and scripts based on the context of the call. This ensures that agents deliver consistent and accurate information, whether they are handling inbound inquiries or making outbound sales calls. Dynamic scripting can significantly improve the quality of interactions and drive better outcomes.

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Maximize Conversion Rates with NobelBiz’s Hybrid Dialer

NobelBiz’s Hybrid Dialer Dragon Call Initiator is designed to maximize your call center’s efficiency and conversion rates by seamlessly integrating inbound and outbound call capabilities. With smart-routing, skills-based routing, customizable call ratios, and dynamic scripting, the Hybrid Dialer ensures that your agents are always engaged in productive tasks. Additionally, its advanced sales features, such as predictive dialing and real-time analytics, help optimize your outbound sales efforts and drive better results.

Investing in the right call blending software can transform your call center operations, improving efficiency, agent morale, and revenue opportunities. By choosing a solution like NobelBiz’s Hybrid Dialer, you can ensure that your call center is equipped to handle the dynamic demands of modern customer service and sales environments.

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Michael McGuire is a contact center industry expert with almost two decades of experience in the space. His experience includes roles as Director of Contact Center Digital Transformation at NobelBiz, and as Director of Operations at FLS Connect, managing multiple call centers. As President of Anomaly Squared and Targeted Metrics, Michael successfully transitioned companies into remote operations and significantly boosted revenues. With a strong background in customer service, leadership, strategic planning, and operations management, Michael excels in driving growth and innovation in the call center space.

Mike is also a proud Board Member for R.E.A.C.H Trade Group, promoting consumer protection and satisfaction and Co-host of the Off Skripted Podcast – a show about Life, Call Centers and everything in between.

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