The Untold Story of Mental Health in Call Centers

How to Nurture and Protect the Mental Health of Agents



In this exclusive webinar we tackle the delicate matter of mental health in the Contact Center World. For this special edition episode, we invited two professionals that are uniquely qualified to talk about the issue of poor mental health in the Call Center Industry, as well as provide simple solutions to address it efficiently and increase employee productivity while decreasing turnover rates.

Join our inquisitive host, Christian Montes, NobelBiz Director of Sales, as he welcomes back Sam Falletta, CEO of Incept, together with a new star guest, James (Jim) Diefendorff Ph.D. and Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Akron University.

Sam Falletta has collaborated with Professor James Diefendorff for a visionary psychological study in an attempt to create a nurturing work environment for Incept’s employees. You can now reap the benefits of their findings in this exclusive webinar meant to both increase awareness on mental health in the Contact Center Space and bring you simple solutions to rapidly and efficiently address this issue.

Don’t miss out on this revolutionary webinar that can help you be part of the change this industry desperately needs!

What you’ll learn:

  • The Call Center Stress Syndrome – How to Recognize and Address It

  • How to Identify Unique Stressors in Call Centers and the Benefits of Role Separation Training

  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Call Center Agent Common Stressors

  • The Correlation Between High Stress/Low Control and High Turnover

  • How to Improve the Mental Health of Your Call Center Agents

  • Expert Strategies in Addressing Mental Health in Call Centers

  • What Creates a Healthy Work Environment? Tips From a Mental Health Professional

  • What Helps? How INCEPT Managed to Motivate Employees

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