5 Ways to Empower Agents

to Deliver Excellent Customer Support


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Our delightful host, Christian Montes, sits down with NobelBiz’s COO, George Seroukas, and discusses the 5 main ways to empower agents to deliver excellent customer support.

Starting from the ongoing viral discussion on the death of the traditional call center, Christian and George also explore the next decade in customer experience, talking about the impact of technology on agent-customer interactions, the client’s need of Social Media availability, and how to keep up with customer demands even in a remote work environment.

So what is the forgotten value of a contact center agent?

Watch Christian and George break down 5 easy tactics to facilitate the needs of your customers by offering your agents the attention and resources they need.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the death of the traditional call center means

  • How to better understand your customer’s needs

  • The 5 efficient ways to empower agents

  • The forgotten value of a contact center agent

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