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Voice Carrier Network Services, Built for Contact Centers

Unique carrier-of-carriers, not a reseller

+ Innovative global carrier of carriers voice network

+ Made for contact centers of any size, any number of agents

+ One-of-a-kind reliable infrastructure with multiple redundancies

+ Expert support and engineers always ready to assist

We help everybody in the contact center world get better quality at a better price than any other carrier. Some of the world’s largest companies use our carrier. And you can be one too!


“NobelBiz connects us to customers…

With the NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network, our business can connect to more customers in a shorter amount of time—at a cost less than other providers.”

Choose Inbound, Outbound, or Blended.

Inbound calls get answered, and Outbound calls get through.

Every inbound call needs to be answered. The NobelBiz Global Telephony Network is built on a redundant infrastructure assuring every call is routed to where it needs to go. With our Voice Carrier Network services, you won’t worry that your outbound campaigns will hit limits on short-duration calls—our technology automatically manages these details and more. Secure web-based access provides immediate access to manage all capabilities from anywhere at any time.

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NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network Services and Features


Facilities-Based Carrier-Grade Network2018-08-28T04:24:10+03:00

The NobelBiz telephony network is a purpose built for the demands of the high volume call demands required by the contact center.

Redundant Infrastructure2018-08-28T04:24:47+03:00

Nobelbiz provides redundant data centers in one wilshire in Los Angeles CA and 60 Hudson NY. These demarcs are the most resilient locations on the planet for working with the PSTN network. These data centers feature both redundant PSTN carriers and data networks

High Volume Call Termination and Origination2018-08-28T04:25:15+03:00

NobelBiz telephony network is designed and engineered for high volume outbound call termination required by predictive dialers

High Quality Voice2018-08-28T04:25:53+03:00

Using MOS (Mean Opinion Score) of call quality we can maximize the purity of voice interactions. Voice quality is paramount in achieving a great customer experience. Our network provides the highest quality of voice when speaking with your customers.

SMRT® Web-Based Administrator

Drag and Drop Call Route Designer2018-08-28T04:20:51+03:00

Specifically assigned users now have the power to create, manage, and change your call routing.

Order and Manage Phone Numbers2020-08-26T14:15:18+03:00

Add phone numbers in minutes not weeks or days. You have the power to add new programs and numbers at the click of a button.

Manage Trunk Groups2018-08-28T04:22:15+03:00

Once security is configured to the Nobelbiz network you can set up your routing trunk groups on the fly.

Manage User Master and Sub Accounts2018-08-28T04:22:48+03:00

Set up separate accounts to segregate your charges and billing. Set up separate logins per sub account along with permissions as to what the user can do as part of their job,

SMRT® Routing

Route calls to PSTN Phone Numbers2018-08-28T03:53:06+03:00

When you need to send calls to an external network, simply add a phone container to your routing project and specify any working PSTN phone number and your calls will be delivered

Route calls to SIP Destinations2018-08-28T03:53:18+03:00

Once security has been established on your network, set up a trunk group simply by specifying the URI and port for the SIP destination you want to send calls to. Once set up it can be included in any call routing project

Create groups of phone numbers2018-08-28T03:53:28+03:00

You can assign either DID or toll free numbers into a specific group of phone numbers.

Schedule and Time of Day Routing2018-08-28T03:54:10+03:00

Routes calls based on the time of day and day of the week. It can be used for routing calls during the off-hours or on the weekends to alternate call center destination or IVR for self-service

Priority Routing2018-08-28T03:54:18+03:00

Route calls based on priority rules. When multiple priority rules are added, the highest number takes first priority. If that route is unavailable (the capacity limit is met, or the destination is unreachable), the calls will be transferred to the next highest priority. If all of the priority rules have the same number, then traffic will be equally split

Ratio Routing2018-08-28T03:54:28+03:00

Routes calls based on a ratio defined by weights. The weights are the same as priorities. The highest weight takes first priority. If the weights are the same, the calls are distributed
equally. If one weight is twice the number of the other weight, then it will route twice as many calls as the other site

Phone Number Pattern2018-08-28T03:54:48+03:00

Patterns routes calls based on the Caller ID. It uses Regular Expression to match the Caller ID against the number specified in the Pattern rule. The rule matches against either the received number (caller) or the dialed number (dialed).

Multi-Site Carrier Cloud Queueing2018-08-28T03:54:59+03:00

Answer and queue calls at the carrier level. Play a message and based on call capacity rules hold the calls until line capacity is available in your destination call center. Once capacity is available, calls are sent to the desired destination. Calls can also time out and be sent to alternative destinations

Capture Voicemail2018-08-28T03:55:11+03:00

After hours or during heavy call volume provides your customer the ability to leave a message. Your team can then listen to the message to take appropriate follow up actions.

SMRT® Number Provisioning

DID and Toll-Free Numbers2018-08-28T03:51:45+03:00

Purchase, manage, and retire you DID and Toll-Free numbers in the NobelBiz Portal. As soon as you purchase a number it is available for production. NobelBiz can provide toll free and local numbers on demand via our SMRT web portal so you can launch one or multiple inbound programs.

Resporg and Porting Numbers2018-08-28T03:51:55+03:00

Or, if you own existing toll free or local numbers, you can optionally ask your carrier to make NobelBiz the responsible organization for those numbers. Alternatively, you can arrange with your carrier to forward calls to a DID number provided by NobelBiz, allowing calls to that toll-free number to be answered by the NobelBiz platform

SMRT® Auto-Attendant IVR

Menus and Prompts2018-08-28T02:36:44+03:00

Add selection menus and prerecorded prompts in your IVR. Use menus and prompts to assure calls are routed to the correct team of self service options.

Call Tags and Variable Routing2018-08-28T02:37:17+03:00

Capture information in variables based on menu selected, web service calls or database queries for decision in routing or self service work flow.

Integration to External Systems2018-08-28T02:37:41+03:00

Use other web services or secure ODBC connections to populate variables and trigger routing or self service workflow. Variables are then accessible in your agent applications.

IVR Script Linking2018-08-28T02:50:09+03:00

Create a library of reusable IVR subscripts that can be used by new IVR scripts. Improve productivity with flexible and consistent IVR scripts that are used as “building blocks” for customer service functionality.

IVR Script Scheduling2018-08-28T02:50:43+03:00

Set schedules for when your IVR and self service workflows are presented to the customer. Schedule different IVR scenarios based on time of day, call center operational hours, and after hours requirements.

IVR Scripting Designer2018-08-28T04:15:14+03:00

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface along with more advanced features, such as linking scripts together and using a single script for multiple inbound programs, allow you to easily build IVR functionality

Menus and Prompts2018-08-28T04:15:28+03:00

Add menu options and add your own audio files that represent the voice of your brand.

In-Queue Announcements2018-08-28T04:15:37+03:00

Plays audio files in IVR scripts for callers in queue

IVR Scripting Designer2018-08-28T02:35:38+03:00

Create robust IVR scripts using a drag and drop IVR designer for creation of routing rules and self service applications.


Local Number Broadcasting2018-08-28T04:15:56+03:00

Based on the person you are calling, broadcast a local number and increase the probability that the caller will pick up. If they return your call automatically route the phone number to your call center. Fully compliant with all regulations

Auto-Number Rotation2018-08-28T04:16:14+03:00

With Rotation you have multiple local phone numbers that can be rotated based on attempt count


Time Zone Filters2018-08-28T04:16:29+03:00

Apply time zone filters to configure your outbound calling. Rules can be configured at the dialing or carrier level using Shield compliance blocking with any existing dialer

Call Frequency Filters2018-08-28T04:16:39+03:00

Set the amount of calls that can be attempted to a phone number by hour, day, week, or month

TCPA – Mobile Phone Filters2018-08-28T04:16:50+03:00

Block mobile phones from being dialed by a predictive dialer

Ring No Answer Time2018-08-28T04:17:07+03:00

Control the number of rings permitted on an outbound phone number

“NobelBiz helps us be a better contact center.”

Lower costs, higher contact rates, and all of the technology we need to make it happen every month. – SVP, National Contact Center Operations

Boost your performance

NobelBiz offers a unique combination of inbound and outbound calling technologies that work together seamlessly. In order, to create better business opportunities for contact centers.

With NobelBiz, your agents can make more calls and increase the number of productive contacts per hour. By usinbg intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact key performance indicators (KPIs). The resulting increase in the number of contacts and cost reduction helps managers achieve their goals.

Unleash Your True Potential with Us

NobelBiz is the leading innovator in contact center solutions, both carrier and software.

We provide a high-quality carrier-of-carriers network that connects the world. Beyond that, our efficient omnichannel contact center software builds on our already extensive portfolio of services so our clients get a complete contact center solution built for their needs.

Why waste time working with outdated and unwieldly programs when you could be gaining time and winning contracts with us?

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