Harness the Synergy of a Cutting-Edge CCaaS Solution and the Only Carrier Network Built for Call Center Traffic

The Only CCaaS Provider with an Exclusive, High-Performance Carrier Network

Unifying every aspect of a contact center under one hub-like platform proves to be the best way to effectively run a contact center, hands down. When you contract the same provider both for the telecom and software services, you get an integrated platform with full compatibility, great synergy, lower costs, faster customer service, and better overall performance.

If the future is simple, the future is bright…

The Ying and Yang of a complete & perfectly balanced all-in-one contact center infrastructure
To achieve the status of a complete cloud contact center solution, we’ve combined our two primary products with outstanding results, offering one of the most robust solutions on the market. The NobelBiz solution can be successfully deployed in virtually any contact center environment, in any industry, everywhere in the world.

OMNI+ Cloud Contact Center Software

NobelBiz OMNI+ can manage multiple interactions at the same time, combining voice calls, SMS, and email with social media messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or Telegram. Everything is managed from a single dashboard hosting all the necessary tools for creating, running and monitoring even the most complex campaigns.

✅ Versatile CRM integrations
✅ Omnichannel ready
✅ Advanced dashboard, reporting & analytics
✅ Work-from-home capabilities
✅ Streamlined and intelligent agent interface design
✅ Robust and customizable supervisor options

The NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network

With multiple global backups ensuring uninterrupted uptime, the NobelBiz Voice Carrier Network stands out as a top VoIP Interconnected Provider in the market. We’ve built a unique and dedicated telecom carrier network that was designed to serve and optimize call center traffic for maximum results.

✅ Multiple redundancies to bypass busy lines
✅ Keep you on the right side of regulations
✅ Best-per-minute rates in the industry
✅ Inbound & Outbound compatible
✅ Made for contact centers of any size

Specially designed for contact centers

NobelBiz is not your usual telecom provider, but one that was designed with the sole purpose of serving enterprises and contact centers all over the world.

Unlike other carriers, our telecom network encourages call-center-specific traffic and offers specialized support for contact-center-related technical issues. Because we focus solely on the contact center niche, all the features and support processes were fine-tuned to maximize the call center traffic’s efficiency, quality, and demands, both inbound and outbound.

Set the stage for 360° compliance

When the software and the carrier providers are on the same page, compliance stops being an issue. But as we all know, this rarely happens. However, because at NobelBiz we own both the software AND the carrier network, implementing new regulations is quick, easy and effortless.

✅ TCPA Compliance
✅ SOC 2 Compliance
✅ A2P 10DLC Messaging

Lower costs, faster service, better performance

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to great synergy with our unified platform for contact centers.

Specially designed to serve the needs of contact centers
Once a form is submitted, the information is automatically fed via an API into the dialer, the fastest possible response and increasing the conversion rate.
The NobelBiz synergy between software and voice
NobelBiz OMNI+ features quick action buttons inside the Agent Interface, offering a hassle-free experience of updating CRM data and ensuring real-time lead accuracy.
No hardware to worry about
The bulletproof NobelBiz OMNI+ contact center software helps outbound contact centers align their
Plug and play solution
The bulletproof NobelBiz OMNI+ contact center software helps outbound contact centers align their

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