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Practical Steps to Reduce the Call Abandonment Rate

Tips, Technologies & Common Mistakes


Bradley Butler
Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

With more than 10 years of experience in the contact center space, Brad has worked in operations, business development/intelligence, and within the C-suite of executives that make decisions regarding workflows, platforms, and technology.

After years of working in sales, Brad began to inquire about the technology used by businesses and how it made work more accessible and efficient. He quickly learned the value of identifying and displaying data and information so that C-level administrators can make educated decisions that quickly guide a contact center toward its goals.


Robin Wesolowski
Director of Client Relations & New Business Manager at CENTRINEX, LLC

Robin was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and moved to the Kansas area in 2008. He started with Centrinex in June of 2010 when the company he was with outsourced to Centrinex. From 1996 to 2010 prior to coming to Centrinex, he worked in sales and collections (consumer and business to business) while running contact centers for multiple companies.

Abandoned Calls are not just a marker of negative customer experience but can also signal hidden issues within your workflow. If left unchecked, a rising Call Abandonment Rate fosters frustration among the client base and contributes to an overall negative brand image.

Fortunately, many solutions can alleviate the Call Abandonment Rate beyond the obvious (but costly and impractical) fix of hiring and training more agents.

Join our Workshop Session to learn the ins and outs of reducing the Call Abandonment Rate within a contact center. P.S.: Don’t forget to prepare your questions for the Q&A session.


• What is the Call Abandonment Rate
• Why calls are abandoned in the first place
• Common Mistakes
• Critical Steps to improve the Call Abandonment Rate

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