The New Normal

Is the Virtual Call Center Taking Over the Industry?

Our fantastic host, Christian Montes, NobelBiz Director of Sales, talks about The New Normal in the Contact Center Industry with two industry innovators. Join Christian as he explores the long-term effects of the pandemic on Contact Centers with Jake Bush, founder, and CEO of INFOCU5, and Sam Falletta, CEO of INCEPT.

In our fourth NobelBiz Webinar, you will get the unique opportunity of exploring the WFH journey of two companies in the industry. Both have decided to integrate the virtual contact center in their day-to-day activity, one choosing a complete integration, the other opting for a hybrid approach.

Don’t miss out on this business-focused discussion that maps their road to the virtual world!

We will talk about:

🗸 What Is a Virtual Call Center?

🗸 The Virtual Space Before, During, and After the Pandemic

🗸 Agent Productivity and Needs in a Virtual Setting

🗸 Hiring, Training, and Evaluating Agents in a Virtual Setting

🗸 Managing Contact Center Agent Mental Health in a Virtual Setting

🗸 The Advantages of Going Virtual

🗸 Do Customers Prefer Brick and Mortar to Virtual?

🗸 Outsourcing – Local vs International Solutions

🗸 Tapping Into the Virtual Employee Market – Why Is It Harder Than It Looks?

Join a lively conversation with:

Jake Round transp-01
Jake Bush

Founder & CEO @ INFOCU5

Experienced entrepreneur with proven success in starting and building companies in the CPG industry. With deep-rooted experience in film, marketing, contact center services, and technology, Jake has a passion for developing solutions to improve customer experience that in turn creates a meaningful impact on customer lifetime value.

Sam Falletta
Sam Falletta


Sam Falletta is the CEO of Incept, where he has been responsible for the development and execution of successful customer acquisition and retention strategies for some of the largest brands in the world including Microsoft, Ford, Honda, and the American Red Cross.

Meet our NobelBiz Webinar Series Host

With over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes, Christian has worked with some of the largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers in the world.
Host of the First Contact – Stories of the Call Center Podcast, where he interviews leaders from the contact center industry searching for new insights, tips, and stories. Host of the NobelBiz | Webinar Series, which brings top leaders in the industry together to discuss important topics and share best practices.

Christian Montes

Executive VP Client Operations at NobelBiz

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