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How to Build a Successful Outbound Lead Gen Strategy

Pro Tips from the Most Important Lead Generation Industry Events

The lifeblood of any business is the people interested in its products and services. If you’re a call center making outbound sales, getting quality leads interested in the products or services you’re selling is vital, to say the least.

That’s why it’s imperative to have a solid lead generation strategy – this will pave your road to success and business performance! But how do you build that successful strategy? What steps should you follow? What resources do you need?

Let’s find out from experts with years-experience in the outbound lead generation field! Some of them just returned home from the first important lead generation event of 2023, Lead Generation World, in San Diego, so they have hot topics to share!

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Topics covered:

🗸 A look back – Major shifts in the outbound lead generation space in the past years

🗸 The main struggles in outbound lead generation & How to address them:

  • Low contact rates
  • Calls being labeled and/or blocked
  • Omnichannel done poorly or not done at all
  • Regulations killing business
  • Lack of commitment & Poor tech support
  • Poor customer experiences
  • Low team performance and/or high attrition

🗸 How to create a solid outbound lead gen strategy from A to Z:

  • How to set your business goals
  • How to choose the most effective communication channels
  • Tech and tools needed to reach your goals
  • How you measure results
  • Examples & Industry best practices

🗸 A look forward – Main trends in the lead generation industry in 2023

Join a lively conversation with:

Ali Janjua
President & Co-Founder,
Work LLC
Ali Janjua is the President & Co-Founder of Work, a lead provider company serving the insurance business, based out of West Palm Beach but with back offices overseas. He successfully built a leadership team with 17 years of experience under their belt in Contact Centers, currently operating a total of over 1000 seats in multiple countries, generating 60 000 transfers/month.
Michael McGuire
Senior Contact Center Software Consultant,
Mike has been in the call center world for more than 24 years running global operations for both outsourcing and internal companies. He had the opportunity to work in multiple verticals, from Lead generation, Fundraising, Collections, Telecom, Travel, etc., building strong expertise and a deep understanding of the challenges contact centers are facing.
Bradley Butler
Contact Center Software Consultant,
Brad is a highly-skilled professional with more than ten years of experience in the contact center space. He had worked in operations, business development/intelligence, and within the C-suite of executives making decisions regarding the workflows, platforms, and technology used in a center.

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