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Navigating Contact Center Regulations

Businesses at the Intersection of Compliance, Technology, Infrastructure, and Costs

In this episode, we will discuss how contact center regulations have impacted businesses in recent years. We will look at all areas where major changes have occurred: infrastructure, technology, operations, financials, etc. 

For this purpose, we couldn’t have a better partner in dialogue than the only non-profit trade association dedicated exclusively to the advancement of companies that engage with customers via the contact center: Professional Associations for Customer Engagement, known in the industry as PACE Association.  

We’re honored and excited to have Joe Laskowski, Chief Operating Officer with PACE as our guest for this new episode!  Prepare your questions and join the conversation!

Some of the topics covered:


🗸 The business perspective on the legislation and regulations in recent years 

🗸 The major changes companies had to implement due to legislation – with a focus on operational, technology, infrastructure, business strategy

🗸 Compliance-associated costs

🗸 Consumers’ perspective – how did all these changes impact consumers and their relationship with businesses?

🗸 Industry Trends & What companies can do to strive and perform


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Join a lively conversation with:

contact center regulations
Joe Laskowski

Chief Operating Officer,
PACE Association 

Senior Sales and Marketing Executive with proven success in creating and leading world-class organizations. A professional with strong, diverse business acumen with the ability to identify and execute a vast range of global sales and operational strategies, leading to greater organizational efficiencies. 

Joe is also a former owner of Lead Gen Company, Outbound Call Center, and SaaS Technology Platform.

Christian Montes

Executive VP of Client Operations,

With over 15 years of leveraging technology and creative tactics to drive outcomes, Christian has worked with some of the largest Enterprise Contact Centers, BPOs, and Global CCaaS providers in the world.

Host of the First Contact – Stories of the Call Center Podcast, where he interviews leaders from the contact center industry searching for new insights, tips, and stories. Host of the NobelBiz | Webinar Series, which brings top leaders in the industry together to discuss important topics and share best practices.


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