Nobelbiz Webinars – Live roundtable

Unleash the Power of Contact Centers in Politics

Exploring the Dynamic Intersection of Contact Centers and Political Fundraising

Join us for an insightful roundtable moderated by Carl Stuerke, a distinguished Contact Center Software Consultant at NobelBiz. Our esteemed guests, Mike McGuire, Solutions Engineering Manager, and Matt Laughlin, VP of Client Services, both seasoned professionals from NobelBiz and Direct Response Group, will delve into the intricate world of Contact Centers and Political Fundraising.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of campaign strategies, technology integration, and the crucial role Contact Centers play in political success. Discover the nuances of fundraising across various channels, the impact of election cycles, and the intricacies of Tele Town Halls. Learn how NobelBiz’s expertise can empower your political campaign and elevate your outreach efforts.

You will learn:

✅ Key strategies for effective political fundraising across mail, phone, and social media.

✅ Differentiating between election and non-election cycles, and ramping up campaigns accordingly.

✅ Qualifications and needs for outsourcing political campaigns to BPOs.

✅ Leveraging technology, including manual SMS, predictive dialing, and call labeling/blocking.

✅ Implementing a rotating strategy and utilizing Local Touch for a 20% increase in success.


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Join a lively conversation with:

Holly Depies
SMS and Contact Center Technology Consultant, NobelBiz

Holly Depies is a seasoned professional in the field of contact center technology, currently serving as an SMS and Contact Center Technology Consultant at NobelBiz. With over ten years of rich experience, her expertise spans across account management, sales, and contact center management. Holly’s background equips her with a deep understanding of the intricacies of contact center operations and technology, making her a valuable asset in her current role at NobelBiz.

Matt Laughlin Round image
Matt Laughlin

VP of Client Services, Direct Response Group

Matt Laughlin is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in client services, operations, and a specialized focus on political fundraising. Renowned for his technical prowess, he excels in strategic leadership, business process optimization, and innovative solutions. As the Vice President of Client Services at Direct Response Group, Matt expertly leverages his skills to drive substantial revenue growth and implement cutting-edge technologies. 

Michael McGuire

Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

With over two decades of contact center expertise, Mike excels in strategic execution and adeptly communicates across all management tiers. Proficient in analysis, staff management, and team leadership for surpassing service level requirements, he successfully launched five international call centers and managed ten as a Center/Regional Manager.

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