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Avoiding Common Technology Mistakes in Contact Centers

Enhance Efficiency, Security, and Customer Experience with the Right Tech Strategies

Discover how to avoid common technology mistakes in contact centers in our upcoming webinar. Join us to enhance efficiency, security, and customer experience with the right tech strategies. Hosted by  industry expert from NobelBiz, Michael McGuire and special guest Josh Streets, CEO and Founder of Scoreboard Group. This session will provide you with invaluable insights and practical solutions to elevate your contact center operations. You will learn:


Thursday, July 18, 2024


10 am PST | 1 pm EST


Duration: 60 mins

You will learn:

✅ Identifying Common Technology Pitfalls: Understand typical mistakes like poor system integration, ignoring data security, scalability issues, and lack of regular maintenance. Learn their impacts on operations and customer experience.

✅ What Contact Centers Should Avoid: Learn the risks of poor technology, insufficient staff training, ignoring feedback, relying on one channel, and lacking disaster recovery plans. See examples of unintegrated systems and neglected updates.

✅ Best Practices for Technology Implementation: Discover the importance of needs assessments, seamless system integration, user-friendly interfaces, regular staff training, robust data security, and ongoing technology upgrades.

✅ Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Success: Explore using AI for call routing, automating tasks, and the benefits of cloud solutions. Learn about omnichannel strategies, enhancing CRM tools, and using analytics for decision-making.

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Join a lively conversation with:


Josh Streets

CEO and Founder, Scoreboard Group

Josh Streets is the CEO and Founder of Scoreboard Group, with over 20 years of experience in transforming contact centers through a focus on people, process, and technology. Since 2015, he has led Scoreboard Group in driving performance improvement and strategic transformation for mid-market to enterprise clients. Prior to this, Josh held executive roles at TrueNorth Companies and U.S. Cellular, where he spearheaded initiatives in contact center implementation, sales performance, and culture enhancement.

Michael McGuire

Senior Contact Center Software Consultant, NobelBiz

With over two decades of contact center expertise, Mike excels in strategic execution and adeptly communicates across all management tiers. Proficient in analysis, staff management, and team leadership for surpassing service level requirements, he successfully launched five international call centers and managed ten as a Center/Regional Manager.

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Avoiding Common Technology Mistakes in Contact Centers

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Avoiding Common Technology Mistakes in Contact Centers