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A true partnership does not end once the sale is closed. For us, true commitment means we’re with you along the journey, from step one until we see the concrete results of our efforts together. That’s why we’re not just selling technology. We also teach you how to use it to its maximum potential! 

And now,  by joining forces with one of the most remarkable sales coaches out there, we want to teach you not only how to use our technology, but also how to sell more with it and drive more business! 

Selling with Omni+ is a dedicated program for contact center professionals looking to improve their skills and knowledge, both in technology and sales, in an integrated and professional manner.

About the program

Selling with Omni+ consists of a series of training sessions specifically built by our friend and partner,  Jason Cutter, to help your team: 

  • understand the ways that an omnichannel strategy can be effective,
  • where it can do more harm than good,
  • how to use a multiple contact offering and approach with your leads and customers, 
  • how to drive more sales and revenue in the current and future market.

At the end of this program you will:

adopt a growth mindset, learn and keep up with trends and technology

improve sales and business KPIs

expand your pipeline contacts from voice to other (digital) channels

improve customer experience and agents’ experience

Who is NobelBiz?

We are a world-class provider of Contact Center technology with more than 20 years of experience delivering complete solutions for contact centers across the globe, irrespective of size, industry, or activity.

Our Products & Services

We provide world-class software and telecom solutions for Contact Centers, and we build trust and long-term commitment to all our partners and customers. We are called “the promise-keepers of the industry” for a reason: when we make a promise, we keep that promise, and our promise to you is to deliver:
Reliable Voice Carrier Infrastructure

• Lowest cost-per-minute
• Exceptional voice quality
• Network redundancy
• Vast geographical footprint
• Well calibrated compliance tools

Our Products & Services

• Full-featured and scalable
• Simplified workflows
• Simple cross-channel campaign setup
• Precise measurements
• Seamless customer experience

We care about your business, so our goal is to help you leverage both technology and people. With Jason Cutter joining us, you’ll maximize your resources – tools, processes, systems, people – with direct, immediate, and measurable results in your sales.
Steve Bederman, President of NobelBiz

About Jason Cutter and Cutter Consulting Group

Cutter Consulting Group is a sales operations-focused advisory, consulting, and training firm founded by Author, Speaker, Sales Coach, and host of the Authentic Persuasion Show, Jason Cutter.

Jason is a friend of the Contact Center world. And a mindset and scalability expert bringing a professional approach with top-of-the-line sales training & consulting services. Whether you want to help your reps to close more deals, or you want to build better sales operations, he will bring in systems and processes, training and coaching, and leadership development!

Other programs by Cutter Consulting Group:

If you’re interested in more advanced sales consultancy or training, below you can find other programs by Jason Cutter:
Sales Operations Gap Analysis

To identify why the sales operation is not scaling to desired levels.

  • analysis of your current sales process
  • detailed report & breakdown
  • highly actionable recommendations
Sales Operations Consulting Program

To implement transformational systems and processes that help your organization achieve performance.


• support in creating the strategy
• support in new processes / systems successful implementation

Sales Success – Authentic Persuasion

Help your salespeople close more deals and make more money.


• tactical sales process to follow
• support in addressing mindsets, fears, perceptions
• support in developing and leveraging sales skills

Expect to see measurable results in:

This partnership can drive significant performance growth within multiple contact center industries and niches such as sales, service, retail, insurance, collections, etc.
Agents Performance
Sales Performance
Business performance
Agents Satisfaction
Customer Experience

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NobelBiz is the leading innovator in contact center solutions, both carrier and software.

We provide a high-quality carrier-of-carriers network that connects the world. Beyond that, our efficient omnichannel contact center software builds on our already extensive portfolio of services so our clients get a complete contact center solution built for their needs.

Why waste time working with outdated and unwieldly programs when you could be gaining time and winning contracts with us?

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