By integrating with Balto, NobelBiz OMNI+ users can make use of the real-time guidance
for contact centers to optimize the client-agent interactions, boost conversion and overall KPIs.

NobelBiz partners with Balto
to offer an even better contact center ecosystem

By integrating the Balto AI-powered guidance for agents, NobelBiz takes a step further in perfecting one of the best contact center solutions on the market. The joint efforts on both sides resulted in a working environment where agents are more efficient, make fewer mistakes and convert more.

Who is Balto?

Founded in 2017, Balto analyzed more than 75M+ calls with 100+ customers. In short, Balto shows agents the best things to say, automatically scores 100% of calls, and alerts managers for coaching moments in real-time, with the help of an AI-powered speech recognition software.

Real-time intelligence makes the difference

‘Balto is set to change the agent behavior during the call before the opportunity is lost.’
Real-time guidance
Real-time guidance:

Guide agents to say the right thing live on every call. Increase conversion rates, deliver excellent service, and stay compliant. Recommends customizable content in real time.

Real-Time QA
Real-time guidance:
Automatically score 100% of calls so you can focus on improving conversations, not on scoring them. Balto’s Cloud App is where managers coach, QA, and dig into data.
Real-Time Coaching
Real-time guidance:
Balto listens to calls and automatically alerts managers for coaching opportunities. Drive Immediate agent improvement by coaching the right calls in real-time.

Don’t just collect information, make good use of it…

NobelBiz provides the reliable platform and technology you need to ensure your call center runs smoothly. And by incorporating Balto’s AI Real-Time Guidance solutions, you can get the most out of your agents on each and every call.

The result is a call center that runs smoothly, increases average sales, maintains compliance, and allows managers to rest easy knowing they have real-time access to the performance of their call center while not having to worry about downtime.



Balto was designed to help agents say the right thing live on every single call with the help of an AI-powered set of tools. Balto’s Agent App rides along with agents on the side of their screens. It picks up the audio from conversations and guides agents in real time.

Increase conversion rates
Deliver exceptional service
Stay compliant


The manager can set up alerts based on a customizable list of keywords to be automatically notified in real-time when a client utters those words. The manager can jump right into the call or send a message to the agent and oversee the entire team’s performance to:

Prevent mistakes before they happen
Deliver excellent conversations every time
Scale insights at the push of a button

Some of the impacted KPIs

The NobelBiz X Balto partnership can drive significant performance growth within multiple contact center industries and niches such as sales, service, retail, insurance, collections, etc. Here is a list of some KPIs where our clients saw game-changing improvements:
CSAT & NPS scores
Reduction in ramp time
Compliance adherence
First Call Resolution & Average Handle Time
Automated QA
Increase Promise to Pay
An increase in payments collected

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