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Today, embracing omnichannel communication is no longer an option but a necessity. As customers increasingly expect a seamless experience across various channels, the concept of media blending emerges as the cornerstone for unifying these channels into a single, cohesive communication platform.

With NobelBiz OMNI+, a robust cloud contact center software solution, organizations gain access to advanced media blending capabilities. By consolidating voice, chat, email, social media, and more, OMNI+ empowers agents to navigate effortlessly between channels, ensuring consistent and efficient customer interactions.

This comprehensive solution enables contact centers to leverage media blending as a strategic tool, providing exceptional service while meeting the evolving demands of today’s customers.

In today’s “omni” world, NobelBiz blends media interactions across all communication channels.

The shift from voice-only call centers to multi-channel communication is an inevitable response to evolving client communication preferences. To stay ahead in this dynamic landscape, the contact center industry must embrace innovative technical solutions that seamlessly merge various communication methods into one comprehensive platform.

NobelBiz OMNI+ leads the way by offering a powerful and unified solution that transcends the limitations of traditional voice-centric call centers. With OMNI+, contact centers enable agents to engage with customers through their preferred channels. This adaptability ensures enhanced customer satisfaction, improved response times, and greater operational efficiency, positioning contact centers for success in a rapidly evolving digital era.

Media Blending at Its Finest

NobelBiz OMNI+ unifies virtually every type of communication into one single, easy-to-use, intuitive agent interface that allows easy transitioning between media and channels with just a click of a button. Combine interactions across:

Voice: Seamlessly handle calls and voicemails within NobelBiz OMNI+, ensuring smooth customer conversations and effective message retrieval for follow-up.

Social Media Chat: Engage with customers on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, building strong relationships through instant and interactive communication.

Email: Efficiently manage email interactions, prioritize messages, and respond promptly, ensuring timely resolutions and excellent customer satisfaction.

Text: Connect with customers through SMS, WhatsApp, and Telegram, providing quick and convenient messaging options for personalized and efficient support.

WebChat: Offer real-time assistance on websites, resolving customer queries instantly and creating seamless online experiences that drive customer loyalty.

We wanted something that gave us the opportunity to reach out to people and connect with people in an omnichannel approach. NobelBiz OMNI+ overdelivered…
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communications

360° Customer Experience

Witness a true omnichannel solution that enables a 360 experience for customers across all channels, while maintaining efficiency at the highest level. Blended Interaction Handling of NobelBiz OMNI+ offers a positive experience both for the agent and for the client:

Easy transfer between channels: Effortlessly navigate between various communication channels within NobelBiz OMNI+, enabling agents to provide consistent support and uninterrupted conversations, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing response times.

Interaction history for every client: Access a comprehensive log of customer interactions across all channels, empowering agents with valuable context and allowing for personalized, informed conversations that strengthen customer relationships and drive loyalty.

Real-time CRM updating capabilities without leaving the platform: Seamlessly update customer information within the CRM system directly from NobelBiz OMNI+, eliminating the need for agents to switch applications, streamlining workflows, and ensuring accurate and up-to-date customer data for improved decision-making and personalized interactions.

Benefits of Media Blending in Contact Centers

NobelBiz OMNI+ takes media blending to the next level, offering advanced capabilities that maximize the benefits of integrating multiple communication channels. This innovative approach offers numerous benefits that enhance customer experiences and optimize agent workflows. Here are some key advantages of media blending in contact centers:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Media blending allows customers to choose their preferred communication channels, ensuring convenience and flexibility. Agents can seamlessly switch between channels, providing prompt responses and personalized interactions that enhance customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity:

By consolidating multiple channels into a unified platform, media blending streamlines agent workflows. Agents can handle various interactions from a single interface, reducing the need to juggle between different applications and improving productivity.

Consistent and Contextual Conversations

Media blending enables agents to access interaction history across channels, providing valuable context for each customer. This context allows agents to deliver consistent and personalized conversations, addressing customer needs effectively and fostering stronger relationships.

Optimal Resource Utilization

With media blending, contact centers can optimize resource allocation based on the volume and nature of interactions across different channels. This ensures efficient staffing and better utilization of agent skills, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency.

Seamless Customer Journey

Media blending facilitates a seamless customer journey by eliminating the need for customers to repeat information when switching channels. This smooth transition improves the overall customer experience, reduces frustration, and enhances loyalty.

Optimizing Agent Workflows with Media Blending

NobelBiz OMNI+ revolutionizes agent workflows through its powerful media blending capabilities. By seamlessly integrating multiple communication channels into a unified agent interface, NobelBiz OMNI+ empowers agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing their workflows. Here’s how NobelBiz OMNI+ optimizes agent workflows with media blending:

Streamlined Channel Management

With NobelBiz OMNI+, agents can efficiently manage various communication channels, including voice calls, social media chats, emails, text messages, and web chats, all within a single intuitive platform. This streamlines agent workflows, eliminates the need to switch between multiple applications, and increases productivity.

Contextual Customer Interactions

NobelBiz OMNI+ provides agents with a comprehensive view of each customer’s interaction history across channels. This invaluable feature allows agents to have contextually aware conversations, providing personalized and seamless experiences. Agents can easily refer to previous interactions, understand customer preferences, and deliver tailored solutions.

Performance Monitoring and Coaching

With NobelBiz OMNI+’s media blending capabilities, supervisors can monitor agent performance across channels and provide targeted coaching. They can review interactions, identify areas for improvement, and offer guidance to enhance agent skills. This proactive approach enables continuous performance enhancement and empowers agents to deliver exceptional service.

Real-Time Collaboration

NobelBiz OMNI+ facilitates real-time collaboration among agents, supervisors, and subject matter experts. Agents can seek assistance, transfer conversations, and consult with team members, ensuring swift resolutions and improved first-call resolution rates. This collaborative approach enhances agent productivity and overall customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Routing and Prioritization

OMNI+ leverages intelligent routing algorithms to automatically route customer inquiries to the most appropriate agents based on their skills and availability. This ensures efficient handling of interactions, reduces wait times, and improves overall agent utilization.

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