Unified Agent Desktop

Media Blending

As omnichannel is becoming mainstream in the contact center world, media blending will be the cornerstone for unifying all channels into just one communication platform.


In today’s “omni” world, NobelBiz blends media interactions across all communication channels.

The era of voice-only call centers is rapidly coming to an end. As client communication behavior changes, the contact center industry needs to adapt and seek technical solutions that combine multiple communication methods, unifying them into one master platform, such as NobelBiz OMNI+.

Media Blending at Its Finest

NobelBiz OMNI+ unifies virtually every type of communication into one single, easy-to-use, intuitive agent interface that allows easy transitioning between media and channels with just a click of a button. Combine interactions across:

  • Voice: Calls and VoiceMail
  • Social Media Chat: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Email
  • Text: SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • WebChat
We wanted something that gave us the opportunity to reach out to people and connect with people in an omnichannel approach. NobelBiz OMNI+ overdelivered…
Eric Sims, CEO & Founder Leading Edge Communications

360° Customer Experience

Witness a true omnichannel solution that enables a 360 experience for customers across all channels, while maintaining efficiency at the highest level. Blended Interaction Handling of NobelBiz OMNI+ offers a positive experience both for the agent and for the client:

  • Easy transfer between channels
  • Interaction history for every client
  • Real-time CRM updating capabilities without leaving the platform

Other OMNI+ Unified Agent Desktop features

Virtual Environment for Agents
Work flexibility is crucial for contact center agents. With NobelBiz OMNI+ each agent has his own account for remote access, activity tracking, performance, and more…
Work From Home (WFH)
In today’s world, working from home is not a luxury anymore. This is probably the one feature that your agent will love the most.
Customer History
Client interactions are carefully tracked, stored, and integrated with your CRM. The system writes and pulls data in real-time for improved efficiency and overall better results.

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