Welcome to the Virtual Age of Contact Centers

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There’s a new trend in the Contact Center Industry – talking about the future. However, after a bit of scrutiny, one can easily realize that the future is now.

The virtual call center is already on the market, rapidly gaining traction in an age where remote work solutions are desperately needed and on-premise solutions are close to becoming obsolete. Companies want to streamline their services, make their processes more efficient, and increase customer processing rates. So, automation is the keyword here.

In this article, we will be looking at all the latest Technavio report on Call Center Market Growth Predictions and analyze the sudden increased demand for a virtual call center.

Cell Center Outsourcing Market to Grow by $13.54 Billion Until 2023 Due to RPA

According to Technavio’s latest in-depth report on the Global Call Center Outsourcing Market 2019-2023, the Contact Center market growth will accelerate at a compound annual growth rate of 3% until the end of 2023, which roughly translates into an industry-wide growth of $13.54 billion.

Even though the market is fragmented, more than a third of the growth is predicted to originate from North America. And the key drivers in all these predictions are robotic process automation systems that allow for more streamlined services that bring more customer satisfaction at lower agent costs.

Steady 3% contact industry growth rate through 2023

Specialists Are Predicting the Rise of the Virtual Contact Center

What Is the Virtual Contact Center?

A virtual contact center is defined by a lack of a physical location where agents are situated at predefined workstations. Instead, you have a virtual operating space with live agents connecting to it from all over the world.

What’s With all the Buzz?

The sudden and dire need for efficient remote contact center solutions uncovered a grave flaw in the system: over 70% of contact centers are still using on-premise solutions that will, eventually, lead to their demise.

Customers want rapid solutions and many are now looking at how a company responded to the COVID-19 crisis, how they managed to protect their employees, and how they handled the sudden influx of calls. For all these problems there was a single, simple solution – adopting a cloud-based solution that allows contact centers to send their agents home.

Is There A Simple Solution to All of This?

Of course, there is. NobelBiz’s OMNICHANNEL solution meets all modern client demands while solving every remote work-related problem a contact center might face. As we were part of the solution during the pandemic that shaped the new face of the Contact Center industry, we also want to be an active part of its future.

With NobelBiz’s software, you can easily move your activity to the virtual space. Even more, you can enable your agents to offer faster, more efficient customer services on more platforms with all interactions being saved in a rigorous call history securely kept in a cloud.

You can get more information on the NobelBiz’s technology of the future here.

Industry Predictions

While market analysis shows that the industry will benefit from steady growth, it’s important to remember the catalyst mentioned by the reports – new technology. So, keeping that in mind, let’s see what specialists predict for the next 2 years:

• Contact Centers that don’t adhere to the virtual space will lose clients to the more progressive businesses in the competition.

• RPA technology combined with an omnichannel solution can help contact centers raise their customer processing rates, driving business.

• Voice will be slowly replaced by chat solutions.

• Customers will take their business to companies that can assure them of the security they need.

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