The community supports our business; we support our community!

What would a business do without its community? Have you ever thought about this?

The community you’re operating in is what your business might call “home”. It creates a physical place where people can find you. It gives you the resources you need to run your business, from the electricity you consume to the people you hire to work for you.

But you? What are you giving back to the community?

This question has been haunting us ever since we decided to leave California and move our headquarters to Cheyenne, Wyoming, more than a year ago.

We knew full well why we chose Wyoming. Everybody knows it’s a state that supports businesses from a tax requirements point of view.

But for us, it was more than that.

We found a warm and welcoming city with friendly and welcoming people. We found people that needed our business and what we could offer in terms of technology. And this is how we got our answer to the question – What are you giving back to the community?

We give technology to the community.

We serve the community by opening the doors to innovation and technology, we offer high-tech employment opportunities for the people in and around Wyoming, and we support youths and young leaders through educational initiatives around technology, digitalization, and leadership.

And we’re happy to see the results of our efforts. And even happier to see people talking about it:


NobelBiz in the news

More than that, we decided to be where the action takes place and where important decisions that influence the future – our future – are made.

So we joined key-players associations like ACA InternationalReceivables Management Association International (RMAI)Consumer Bankers Association (CBA)Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE)SOCAP International. We honor their efforts and support their initiatives, at a local or national level, by being active members in this journey of changing perceptions, adopting change, and emerging technologies.

We could say we are slowly redefining our mission:

To provide state-of-the-art contact center solutions and exceptional support for our customers AND to be the trustful partner that our community can count on.

Holly Depies: Returning to her Contact Center roots, the ‘SMS Queen’ enhances our Nobelbiz team with a profound arsenal of tools, expertise, and Carrier solutions. With a rich background in Contact Centers, BPOs, and digital marketing, she is uniquely equipped to address the complex challenges of delivery and compliance in today’s landscape. As our SMS and Contact Center Technology Consultant, she’s committed to leveraging her vast experience to empower our clients and drive innovation.

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We serve the community by opening the doors to innovation and technology, we offer high-tech employment opportunities for the people in and around Wyoming, and we support youths and young leaders through educational initiatives around technology, digitalization, and leadership.
Anda Alexandrescu

Anda Alexandrescu

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