NobelBiz Is Ready for STIR/SHAKEN Implementation

NobelBiz stands ready for SHAKEN STIR implementation. Our Trusted Caller ID product, together with our experts, engineers, and dedicated support, are prepared to tackle every issue you may have on your journey to full attestation.

To learn more, visit our article about SHAKEN STIR and what it represents.

And here’s our plan:

1. Trusted Caller ID as the First Step to Create Your Enterprise Identity in the Calling Ecosystem

The future of STIR/SHAKEN is all about validating the identity of a caller by connecting the dots between an enterprise, its vendors, and carriers.

While STIR/SHAKEN will eventually authenticate the call originating carriers, what it does not do is to define the intention of the call or consolidate trust about any given enterprise’s name. In other words, it will authenticate the technical system the calls are coming from as legitimate, without having a name attached to it.

As a result, since the enterprises cannot be involved directly into the STIR/SHAKEN implementation framework, NobelBiz is offering its customers the option to build trust proactively in an end-user environment.

While NobelBiz is actively involved in getting certificates for STIR/SHAKEN, Trusted Caller ID is the product that enterprises can use the establish trust for themselves prior to this implementation.

And what better way is there to establish trust among users that are at their wit’s end because of scam calls than removing the Scam and Fraud labels assigned randomly by carriers?

Leaving that aside, what better way to convince carriers that the nature of your business is legit than sending them your identity, defining the intention of your calls, and how you received the end user’s consent prior to the call?

This does not only improve reach rates, but it also takes a business in a terminating carriers’ eyes from ‘Anonymous, Scam likely’ into ‘Trusted entity’.

2. Trusted Caller ID as Protection from Bad Actors

It not only creates an identity, but also protects it from being associated with illegal spoofing within the communications ecosystem.

With the new and improved Registration form, Inbound numbers will be identified as being strictly such, which means that any Outbound call coming from these numbers will be identified as illegal spoofing and not pertaining to your network.

By providing a solution for the first wave of call labeling and blocking technologies, we are also preparing you for the more in-depth wave STIR/SHAKEN will tackle.

Not only that, but being a part of the Trusted Entities network will ensure eventually the highest level of attestation within the STIR/SHAKEN framework, as our partners are part of the task force implementing it and enterprises that have responded proactively to its preparation by providing their information and defining their intention will be included first, since they are already identified as good actors by carriers and service providers.

3. No Silver Bullet

While neither Trusted Caller ID, nor STIR/SHAKEN are a silver bullet against illegal robocalling, what they will do is enable the communication between an enterprise and its clients to look more like a stream of running water and less like a dripping faucet.

They will both ensure a long lost trust in the incoming call for the end user, while consolidating the identity of an enterprise and the legitimacy of the call itself. Due to the current health crisis, ensuring this has become a priority for the telecom market. However, that should not necessarily mean a decreased reach rate or an increase in blocked calls, once enterprises have access to the right tool. Trusted Caller ID is offered by NobelBiz precisely to address that.

So in the end?

NobelBIz has the solutions to work with all of its clients towards full attestation. Where you go from there is in your hands: what kind of company do you want to be?

Learn more about our Trusted Caller ID services here.

Irina Toma

Irina T. has been working in the contact center industry for the past 10 years. After having an array of customer-facing roles, she joined the NobelBiz team in September 2018 as Provisioning Coordinator, that gave her access to a behind the scenes approach as well. This gave her the opportunity to contribute not only to the customer’s business, but also to the NobelBiz community.

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