How To Build The Right Unified Agent Desktop?

How To Build The Right Unified Agent Desktop?

Managing different solutions separately creates unnecessary silos and leads to conversations that don’t make sense, hurting the agent’s performance. As the public face of your brand, agents need a perfectly unified agent desktop that makes it easy for them to interact with customers.

Many call centers have a lot of different, complicated systems that are hard for agents to figure out, let alone keep their attention on what’s important: the customer. This can lead to unhappy customers, less work getting done, wasted time on the phone, and extra costs for your business in the future.

This article discusses the benefits, key features, and impact of the Unified Agent Desktop.

Key Points:

  • Unified Agent Desktop streamlines procedures and links multiple tools with customer data
  • Unified Agent Desktop is one of the critical components to call center automation
  • The unified agent desktop is not a meaningless or added tool; it is essential for call center productivity

Why should your call center have a unified agent desktop?

Here are some key reasons why it’s a good idea to consolidate all your different solutions and keep the agent desktop as the only place to manage everything:

Integrated communication — with a unified agent desktop, agents can text, call, instant message, and even chat from the same screen to get important information, effectively making all your communication more efficient and effective.

  • Rapid provisioning —with one login, agents can instantly connect to your call center without creating a complex login process or entering any credentials each time. This means you can get the agent on the phone as fast as possible without wasting their time.
  • Simplified agent management — with a unified agent desktop, you’ll be able to see all your agents across every service, freeing up time to focus on things that matter, like problem resolutions.
  • Easy to use — with a unified agent desktop, agents can quickly get in touch with customers using various communication tools. For example, you can quickly push notifications and create one-click on-call hotlines to manage complaints, engage with customers, or connect with service agents.

What makes a great unified agent desktop?

Unified Agent Desktop is a solution that streamlines procedures and links multiple software with customer data, allowing your agents to focus on customer requirements and improve brand value with each interaction.

Unified Agent Desktop features case and incident management, call routing, web chat, social media, messaging, and email interaction, as well as a knowledge base for agents and customers.

A great unified agent desktop enables the following:

  • To successfully react to consumer inquiries with a single view of pertinent data, eliminate data silos, and remove channel silos.
  • Processes may be optimized, and efficiency increased through dynamic routing according to customer demands.
  • Reduce expenses by aligning more closely with your call center demands with quick deployment and simple integrations.
  • Provide your call center agents and supervisors with real-time dashboards and KPIs to enhance customer understanding.
  • User-friendly, easy-to-manage software may save training time and improve quality.
  • Gain a more profound knowledge of where requests are from to enhance operations sustainably.

A competitive advantage can be gained from deploying Unified Agent Desktop solutions that allow your agents to serve customers better and improve the quality of each customer interaction.

That is what Unified Agent Desktop is all about.

Key features of a unified agent desktop

Omnichannel Interaction

Since there are several communication channels rather than just one, an agent needs to manage them all easily. The unified Agent desktop allows call center agents to simultaneously handle calls and interactions across multiple channels.

For example, some clients can use webchat and SMS to reach your call center for the same queries. This results in extra work for an agent who must respond to the consumer via both channels. However, with an agent desktop, this is easily traceable. Now, agents can view every customer demand in the queue.

Are you looking for a solution that fits your call center requirement? The NobelBiz OMNI+ agent interface is one of the most agent-friendly interfaces on the market, seamlessly combining the simplicity of calls and operational interactions with a clean and accurate customer data flow. It’s a true marvel of efficiency and usability that agents and managers love and stick with.

The focus at NobelBiz is for call centers to stay one step ahead of the competition. Our systems balance optimum performance and scalability with reasonable price points.

Tasks Automation

It is common knowledge that a unified agent desktop connects smoothly with third-party apps and presents pertinent client information on a single screen. This saves agents the time they would have spent switching screens to retrieve the necessary information.

The system must automate as many regular tasks as possible and input pertinent information automatically, so your agents are not overburdened.

Display Optimization

Although there are industry-specific templates, the supervisor can modify the agent desktop display to simplify their agents’ jobs.

In other words, an agent can retain only the fields necessary for his task and discard the rest. With fewer interruptions, the first call resolution is expected to improve, and the average handling time will decrease. This improvement is also feasible at a department level. These interface tweaks do not involve expertise or code. An essential drag-and-drop tool can accomplish all of this.

Real-Time Assistance

Agents can talk to one another or their managers using the internal chat feature if they require additional information or direction while working on a problem. Access to this information in real-time allows agents to make better decisions and speed up the rate at which customer demands are solved.

The benefits of an agent desktop

With a single agent desktop, call centers may reduce the workload of their agents, freeing them up to spend more time with clients.

The NobelBiz OMNI+ Unified Agent Desktop allows a single access point for all customer-related information, eliminating customer silos. Adding this to multichannel support allows your agents to provide a fully-connected experience to your customers. It is a way for them to offer a personalized customer experience.

The benefits of Unified Agent Desktop will help you eliminate waste, increase productivity, reduce training time and improve customer satisfaction.

But the benefits of a unified agent desktop also include the following:

  • Data accuracy: Agents can find all the information they need in one place, improving customer service. This makes it easier for them to help customers and answer their questions. It also makes it, so agents don’t have to ask customers for information as often.
  • Enhanced Workflow: Agents can work faster because they don’t have to switch between software solutions or hunt for information. The unified desktop makes it easy for them to find what they need quickly.
  • Lower Cost: Costs will decrease because agents only need to learn one system instead of having extra software. This cuts costs and makes IT tasks easier because there are fewer systems, logins, and passwords to keep track of. Less training is needed for agents to use a unified desktop than if they had to learn to use several different systems.
  • Better Reporting: With a unified desktop, agents follow processes and procedures that look at all the information to find the best solution. It makes it easier for agents to come to the same conclusion, which means that their reports will be more accurate.
  • Simplifying Workflows: A unified desktop usually has tools that help agents figure out the next best step in their interactions. They need to move through the workflow and follow the steps as the process applies logic and talks to other systems on behalf of the agent. This saves time, and more work gets done.

A unified desktop makes it easier for agents to understand and handle customer needs. It gives the agent the ability to do the job more efficiently. Agents are more focused, which leads to a better customer experience. When customers see that their queries are being handled correctly, this leads to more calls back and higher conversions.

How does a unified agent desktop improve agent productivity?

The unified agent desktop may seem like a minor part of your contact center’s technological architecture, but it profoundly affects your agents’ productivity.

You should expect a significant improvement in agent efficiency and output if you deploy unified agent desktop software. They’ll be more efficient in taking care of calls and have far better average response times and less waiting time.

You can start with a flexible agent desktop that may help you simplify your whole operation. Information about each caller and firm, active work queues, individualized reports, and contact information for each department are all easily accessible to your agents.

With less time spent on routine tasks like filling out forms or navigating complicated user interfaces, your agents will have more time to focus on bringing excellent customer experience. This will foster loyal customers and attract new ones. There are also several other upsides: enhanced service levels, decreased labor expenses, and greater employee satisfaction—especially when workers are given agency over their work schedules and environments.

Colin Taylor, CEO & CCO at The Taylor Reach Group says: for a higher level of customer satisfaction, you should put the skills and abilities of your agents first. This will help you make sure that your methodology has the right process and the right technology. For more insights, listen to our podcast episode on Tools that ensure a higher customer satisfaction level.

Final point

There is no one size fits all approach in the call center world because every contact center has unique procedures, campaigns, management, and business goals. The best solution will always cater to your specific requirements while also letting you integrate with and take advantage of existing systems within your call center.

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