First Contact Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 1

A Lifetime of Lessons Learned, with Steve Bederman

A Lifetime of Lessons Learned: Steve Bederman

christian montes


Christian Montes

Executive Director of Sales

We are thrilled to start our new season of First Contact podcast! Watch out host, Christian Montes, as he sat once again with Steve Bederman, an industry leader, visionary, author and talked about lessons from decades-long career in the contact center space, reviews on what worked and what not in the face of pandemic challenges, how to benefit from yoga at workplace and upcoming trends for Call Center Industry in 2021.

christa heibel


Steve Bederman

Amazon Bestselling Author and CEO of NobeBiz

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Decades of experience in the career of the contact center space make for an abounding number of stories and lessons learned over time. Being the author of a series of novels and corporate thrillers, Steve is half way through his fifth book, a most anticipated business novel.


What defines great customer relationships? Having the right contact center technology can help nurture the customer relationship. But the real secret lies in the promise you’re making to your customer and the ability to keep that promise.

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Was it enough just having the right agent tools in the remote shift of 2020? Steve thought of a new way of keeping employees motivated, and the answer is as simple as yoga! Read the article below and find out what are the benefits of almost a year of yoga.


What’s your plan to getting your business safe to the other side of the pandemic? Never short of little nuggets of wisdom, Steve has a simple yet powerful advice: maximizing each day and shaping a coping mechanism in the face of uncertainty.

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From using the workforce in a creative manner, to the adoption of BPOs in various business sectors, all the way to creating extraordinary customer journeys using the right tools. Learn from Steve’s vision on the upcoming new trends in the Call Center industry!


You have to always see the light at the end of the tunnel and face life with faith and optimism. This too, shall pass. And Steve is already making plans for a post-pandemic world. Both personal and professional, he’s slowly but steadily building a bridge over this.

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