First Contact Podcast | Season 2 | Episode 2

The Unexpected Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur, with Gary Pudles

The Unexpected Journey of a Serial Entrepreneur, with Gary Pudles

christian montes


Christian Montes

Executive Director of Sales

Gary is the President, CEO and founder of AnswerNet and he believes in a company’s potential to grow efficiently and profitably. Being considered a ‘serial entrepreneur’, he shared with us his inspiring life journey. From being a law graduate, all the way to becoming a teacher, CEO, co-founder and more.

christa heibel


Gary Pudles

CEO, founder of AnswerNet

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The Unexpected Way Gary Pudles Got Into the Call Center Business

Sometimes, life can take you on an unexpected path. Building an organization through acquisitions, partnerships and sales, that’s a big part of Gary’s journey in the Call Center industry. Listen more to find out how it happened!


Managing Through a Downturn

How can you lay the groundwork for all the scenarios of a crisis? And what are the five numbers that count most in a call center business? Firstly, in order to get your business at the other end of the tunnel, sacrifices are required sometimes.
Listen and find out all the answers!

Video & Article

How to Boost Morale after Layoffs

One of the biggest compromises that ensures business continuity sometimes requires a period of downsizing. But is it possible to manage these actions on both sides, with a minimum of side-effects? Gary is sharing with us a few ways for boosting morale after layoffs.

Video & Article

What to Look for When Aquiring a Company

Business acquisition is much more than a financial decision and a desire for company growth. Here’s Gary with a straightforward explanation on how important it is to have an aligned goal, and how to implement it in such a crucial moment.


Gary Pudles Talks Organizational Culture & Mergers

So how do you merge an acquisition? Besides the company’s culture, there is a process and a technology there that needs to be integrated. As an industry veteran, Gary shares with us his tips, both from his success and failures.


How to Tell Employees to Take a Break During WFH

With so many things to do in a growing business, how important is it to delegate and manage? As a result of WFH, separating work from personal has become even more challenging. Discover how Gary found himself ‘yexting’ at employees who needed a break.


Gary Pudles’ Work for the Deaf Community

Gary has done some amazing work with Connect Direct. Together, they managed to bring customer service solutions and jobs to the deaf community. Above all, their mission is extremely important in the call center industry as it brings first person care ASL to the deaf community.

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