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Better Tech Makes a Better Contact Center

Modular Inbound and Outbound Solutions with an Advanced Reporting Platform

NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center technology is built on the foundation of the most advanced contact-center-grade voice network and protected with a security-driven infrastructure. A web-based portal provides Operations Management, Quality Call Recordings, and Agent Experience from any internet-enabled device.

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“We have choices. We chose NobelBiz.”

We’ve tested different technologies and providers and compared the investment against the return. Hands down, NobelBiz provides the most bang for the buck. – CIO, National Financial Services Provider

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Tools You Need to Improve Connections, Reduce Costs, and Maintain Compliance

All NobelBiz Cloud Contact Center technology solutions are modular, so you can customize your contact center to meet your specific requirements. They are also engineered to be integrated with one another or to stand alone.

Web-based management lets authorized users easily make changes real-time in response to changing business conditions and capacity requirements.

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Technical Features of Cloud Contact Center

Quality Call Recording

Call Recording Metadata search and retrieval2018-08-28T02:12:27+03:00

All meta data is captured in VitalSigns call center operations for searching and retrieving recordings, providing an ability to search specific call detail records with recordings in integral in assuring quality assurance based on ad-hoc search criteria for captured metadata.

Call Recording2018-08-28T02:10:51+03:00

Configure call recordings of inbound programs or outbound campaigns to capture agents’ conversations during call sessions, including 3rd party call segments, or capture caller’s IVR speech input. Recordings may transferred daily as .wav audio files to a FTP server via Secure FTP transmission

Agent Applications

Direct SMS Chat2019-06-04T21:22:34+03:00

Agents can initiate SMS text chats with customers on their cell phones or reply and have a dialog with people contacting a number via text message from a screen pop up.

Intuitive, Modern Design2019-06-04T21:21:42+03:00

Use the latest web interface design techniques to provide a contemporary look and feel and a streamlined agent experience.

Web-Based Deployment2019-06-04T21:22:19+03:00

Add , modify and delete records and preferences from any internet-enabled device.

Agent Scripting

Web-based Screen Pop2018-08-28T02:22:27+03:00

Reduce your IT and deployment costs. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to deploy you agent experience.

Support External Enterprise Application Integration2018-08-28T02:21:55+03:00

Use either web services or secure ODBC connections to external applications to combine your customer data into a unified view of you customer across your enterprise.

Database Driven2018-08-28T02:21:15+03:00

You have the full power of a SQL database at your disposal to create your agent experience. Use a single table or a database schema to capture the date and create the experience you need to meet the demand of your campaign or customer.


There are not limits to the number of dispositions you can use to status a call. Based on your needs, dispositions can be agent selectable (drop down menus, buttons, radio controls) or automatically triggered based on the script workflow.

Agent Notes2018-08-28T02:20:24+03:00

Allows the agent to create a custom note associated with the author and call. Using scripting add the agent notes or create notes based on your scripted workflow. Add notes to your custom campaign database or update external applications.

Scripted Workflow2018-08-28T02:19:41+03:00

Everything required to design workflow based on business rules and logic to control the flow between screens.

Forward, Transfer or Conference2018-08-28T02:19:15+03:00

All your transfer options are available, blind transfer, account transfer, or three way call. Toggle between the different transfer types to create your desired customer experience.

Telephony and Call Control2018-08-28T02:18:50+03:00

Add predefined call control script actions to your applications so agents can answer, speed dial, record/pause, hold/ retrieve, park/retrieve, forward or warm transfer, conference and disconnect calls.

Drag-and-Drop Designer2018-08-28T02:18:02+03:00

The included scripting solution enables your team to create complete workflow applications using an intuitive drag and drop application designer. Perfect for the Contact Center BPO outsourcer or call centers that need to deploy new campaigns and applications rapidly. Create and deploy new campaigns quickly without the need for software programmers.

Operations Management

Unlimited Agent Break Codes2018-08-28T02:31:14+03:00

Enable default or custom reason codes to track agent work states. Provides ability to effectively manage your agents’ time and utilization.

Supervisor Mobile Device Support2018-08-28T02:30:40+03:00

Operations and management tools are deployed in web browsers that conform to the form factor of mobile devices.

Call Monitoring2018-08-28T02:30:13+03:00

Supervisors can listen, coach, conference and barge on a specific agent and customer call. Enables your supervisor team to assess agent performance or assist the agent in real time while the call is occurring.

Role-Based Interfaces2018-08-28T02:29:24+03:00

Agent: Agents can view their daily statistics and session history, manage live calls, communicate with other users, and manage the contact database.
Supervisor: Supervisors can monitor and control agent activities, view real-time statistics, monitor calls, and communicate with other users.
Administrator: Administrators can use a familiar and efficient interface to configure and maintain your NobelBiz Virtual Contact Center.

Agent Groups2018-08-28T02:28:31+03:00

Provides the ability to configure organizational groupings for your agents, such as sales, service, marketing, retention and support.

User Profiles2018-08-28T02:25:07+03:00

Facilitates the assignment of roles—administrator, supervisor, agent, and reporting access, as well as user permissions to multiple users at once.

Supervisor Management Application2018-08-28T02:24:19+03:00

All supervisor applications are deployed using a web browser. Log in anywhere any time using only a secure internet connection to manage your operations. Reduces IT overhead in deploying application and enables geographically distributed work teams.


IVR Script Scheduling2018-08-28T02:50:43+03:00

Set schedules for when your IVR and self service workflows are presented to the customer. Schedule different IVR scenarios based on time of day, call center operational hours, and after hours requirements.

IVR Script Linking2018-08-28T02:50:09+03:00

Create a library of reusable IVR subscripts that can be used by new IVR scripts. Improve productivity with flexible and consistent IVR scripts that are used as “building blocks” for customer service functionality.

Integration to External Systems2018-08-28T02:37:41+03:00

Use other web services or secure ODBC connections to populate variables and trigger routing or self service workflow. Variables are then accessible in your agent applications.

Call Tags and Variable Routing2018-08-28T02:37:17+03:00

Capture information in variables based on menu selected, web service calls or database queries for decision in routing or self service work flow.

Menus and Prompts2018-08-28T02:36:44+03:00

Add selection menus and prerecorded prompts in your IVR. Use menus and prompts to assure calls are routed to the correct team of self service options.

IVR Scripting Designer2018-08-28T02:35:38+03:00

Create robust IVR scripts using a drag and drop IVR designer for creation of routing rules and self service applications.

In-Queue Announcements2018-08-28T04:15:37+03:00

Plays audio files in IVR scripts for callers in queue

Menus and Prompts2018-08-28T04:15:28+03:00

Add menu options and add your own audio files that represent the voice of your brand.

IVR Scripting Designer2018-08-28T04:15:14+03:00

An intuitive drag-and-drop interface along with more advanced features, such as linking scripts together and using a single script for multiple inbound programs, allow you to easily build IVR functionality


Call Priority2018-08-28T02:55:41+03:00

Provides the ability to assign a rules to inbound programs and outbound campaigns to designate call priority.

Timed Message Queue Announcements2018-08-28T02:55:00+03:00

Select different messages based on time intervals to be played while contacts are in queue. Improve customer service with audio announcements as callers wait in queue.

Agent Call Distribution Rules2018-08-28T02:54:21+03:00

The NobelBiz ACD allows you to define how the system selects the next agent to whom a call will be delivered— from longest wait/ queue time or round robin to minimum calls handled, in which the ACD prioritizes agents who have received fewer calls,

Time of Day Routing2018-08-28T02:53:53+03:00

The NobelBiz ACD provides scheduling features based on the business rules you determine. Your contact center operations are aligned to your hours of operation, holidays and other events.

Priority Routing2018-08-28T02:53:11+03:00

Prioritize calls based on criteria such as customer data, IVR outcomes, time in queue, and more. Align your cloud ACD functionality to your business objectives and success metrics.

Queue Skill-Based Routing2018-08-28T02:52:38+03:00

Your customers’ phone calls are directed to the right queue, prioritized based on your business requirements, and delivered to the resource with the requisite expertise for first call resolution.


Web Callback2018-08-28T03:01:43+03:00

Automatically gathers contact and lead records from websites, web forms or another lead management application and inserts records into the NobelBiz call list for immediate call and follow-up.

CTI Call Controls2018-08-28T03:00:04+03:00

CTI call controls are available to use in third party applications. Reduces training time by extending existing agent applications with call control functionality.

Intelligent Dialers

Scheduled Callbacks2018-08-28T03:07:12+03:00

Configure callbacks based on best time for returning callbacks. Increase agent productivity by optimizing schedules and ensuring that more live calls are handled at peak productivity.

Disposition Timers and Redials2018-08-28T03:05:29+03:00

Configure each disposition with its own parameters for redial timing. Increase agent productivity by optimizing dialing list penetration and ensuring that more live calls are handled.

Time Zone Dialing Rules2018-08-28T03:04:54+03:00

Apply time zone filters to configure your outbound calling.

Preview Dialing2018-08-28T03:04:26+03:00

Presents contact records to the agent in advance of the agent placing the phone call.

Progressive Dialer2018-08-28T03:03:55+03:00

Provides a variable calls-to-agent ratio that along with the call abandonment limit will determine how many calls to place as reps become ready for calls.

Predictive Dialer2018-08-28T03:03:11+03:00

Predictive Gain simulation-based pacing automatically manages the pace of outbound calling based on thousands of simulations. These simulations predict call abandonment and automatically adjust dialing pacing to assure compliance while optimization agent occupancy.


Human Initiated Press-to-Dial2018-08-28T03:08:39+03:00

A preview dial technology built from the ground up to be compliant to the TCPA mobile phone regulations. Great for sales and support oriented contact centers for immediate response to workflow triggered task, hot leads, or support requests to mobile phone numbers with no permission to call with an Automated Telephone Dialing System (ATDS).

Call Progress Detection

Silent Message Drop2019-06-04T21:24:49+03:00

Leave a message in the customer’s voice mail without ringing their cell phone, ensuring current rules compliance.

Time Zone Dialing Rules2019-06-04T21:24:03+03:00

Turn time zone compliance on at the campaign level. Time zone settings are configurable by phone and/or zip code. Custom time zone rules may also be set for state and local regulations.

Automatically Leave a Message2019-06-04T21:24:15+03:00

Enables campaign managers to select a voicemail message to leave to an answering machine for a campaign.

Answering Machine Detection2019-06-04T21:24:31+03:00

The NobelBiz platform has the capability to precisely detect answering machines.

Campaign Management

Text-to-Speech Message Broadcasting2019-06-04T21:27:19+03:00

Our advanced speech synthesis system converts any text into a spoken message. Essential to automate payment or contact reminders.

Multi-Number Dialing Mode2019-06-04T21:25:50+03:00

Process a calling list quickly using a single number to dial the first phone number for each contact record, or use Multi-Number dialing to call all numbers in each contact record before proceeding to the next record in the list or on each subsequent attempt.

Campaign and List Management2019-06-04T21:26:07+03:00

Multiple campaign and list management capabilities: List priority and sorting to define the order in which records are dialed. List ratios for calling records from multiple lists at specified frequencies. Contact filtering of call list based on any contact field.

Scheduled Callbacks2019-06-04T21:26:36+03:00

Offers agents the ability to schedule a customer callback for themselves or the group. The record is automatically scheduled, call initiated, and presented to the agent. Rules can be set to offer the call to the next available agent in the event a call is scheduled for an agent that is not available.

Disposition Timers and Redials2019-06-04T21:26:54+03:00

Configure each disposition with its own parameters for redial timing. Increase agent productivity by optimizing dialing list penetration and ensuring that more live calls are handled.

“NobelBiz helps us be a better contact center.”

Lower costs, higher contact rates, and all of the technology we need to make it happen every month. – SVP, National Contact Center Operations

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NobelBiz offers a unique combination of inbound and outbound calling technologies that work together seamlessly. In order, to create better business opportunities for contact centers.

With NobelBiz, your agents can make more calls and increase the number of productive contacts per hour. By usinbg intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact key performance indicators (KPIs). The resulting increase in the number of contacts and cost reduction helps managers achieve their goals.

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