Remote work is the new hot thing not only in Contact Centers, but in all businesses. Major players have announced their preference to remote work, some hinting at long-term implementations of this new imposed system, while others have decided to turn remote work into a permanent thing.

Nationwide Insurances recently announced they’ll be permanently closing 5 offices and moving their employees at home. This translated into a permanent relocation of 30% of employees, Nationwide announcing that the short-term goal aimed at moving 50% of employees from their offices to their homes.

The decision was taken after employees proved they can maintain performance levels even in a remote setting.

It’s All About the Buck

Now don’t go out thinking this is all out the goodness of their hearts. While I’ll always appreciate a company that takes care of its employees (and really consider moving my business according to this criteria), they’re not doing this just because they care. In the end it all comes down to profit.

Let’s take Nationwide’s example. They’re moving 5 buildings worth of people at home. This means they won’t be paying maintenance costs for 5 offices. That’s a whole lot of money that can be redirected towards better purposes – invest more in employee growth, marketing (though happy and healthy employees is already really good marketing), and so on.

The alternative would have been to spend even more money to make the office safe enough for employees to feel comfortable to work at full productivity. It’s a solid, future-proof investment. Maximize efficiency by keeping employees safe at home (don’t forget commuting is as dangerous as working in an office at the moment).

It’s Not All Unicorns and Sunshine

However, moving an entire company at home is not as easy as sending a memo. We’ll now return to our cozy world of Contact Centers.

Relocating a contact center can be a pain in the back if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. With on-premise solutions it’s more than a drag. If you’re not on the cloud, it’s almost impossible.

featured image nobelbiz omniplus omnichannel contact center solution

In the End You Just Need Proper Infrastructure and the Right Tools

It may be difficult, but it is achievable. If you’re not on the cloud and ready to relocate your agents, why not also switch to more modern software and take your business to the cloud?

With an omniplus solution like the one built by NobelBiz, it’s as easy as giving your agents a laptop and a pair of headphones.

This way you stop worrying about costly on-premise solutions, office maintenance, and social distancing measures like moving desks (which could ultimately lead to a need for more office real estate which generates even more costs).

Are you ready to embrace this new remote reality?

Facebook is doing it, Twitter is doing it, we’re doing it, how about you take it for a spin?