VIDEO: How to Pick Yourself Up: Rising from the Ashes of Despair, with Jim Rembach

christian montes

Christian Montes
Executive Director of Sales at NobelBIz

Jim Rembach, host of the Fast Leader Podcast on how sometimes there are moments in your career when you feel the blues, or depressed, and how you can pick yourself up from those moments of despair.

christian montes

Jim Rembach
President of CX Global Media

Let’s chat about how YOUR contact center can be successful!

How do you rise from the ashes of despair? How do you pick yourself up? Believe it or not, that was the first topic up for discussion during our recent podcast episode with Jim Rembach. He mentioned that he’s been rising from the ashes of despair and it’s been a lifelong battle.

Let’s hear some of Jim’s words of wisdom on how to pick yourself up, straight from the episode:

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Christian Montes: I really have to start with one thing: what’s up with “ashes of despair” – what do you mean by that?

Jim Rembach:

So for those of you who’ve gone through the Myers Briggs type testing, I’m an INTJ, and for us that are INTJs we have issues with emotions. I am a colorful, passionate person, but being somewhat of an introvert, sometimes I don’t do a good job of being able to convey that or communicate with that. And I’m my own worst enemy.

I mean for me, I’m a person who is achievement-based. I’m not competitive. So what that means is that: doesn’t matter if I win, I still beat myself up because I could’ve done something better.

1. Focus on Being Appreciative

And so really trying to focus in on being appreciative more is important. So when you start talking about the ashes of despair like – you know – going through and dealing with a certain boss or colleague or losing your job or just not performing in the way that you want to in your job – that’s despair!

I mean you could fall into you know – the blues, maybe even depression. And those things are something that you have to learn how to manage.

And I think especially when you’re talking about a call center environment being fast-paced – it’s very easy for that to happen. Some of it’s very repetitive and could be boring and doesn’t challenge you but then you have this flipside.

The ashes of despair and rising from them has really been a lifelong battle for me and for many that are just starting in this. And I have a conversation with someone on a regular basis as a coach – you know – who’s dealing with this stuff. It’s not easy. And so you really have to focus in on “how do I rise above?”

2. Turn Self-Criticism into a Strength

Christian: That definitely makes sense. And I think we always say: we can be our worst enemy. We go in there, we’re our harshest critic. We’re the ones who hold ourselves to the highest standard – when we’re in that mindset.

Obviously, being able to get out of that or to utilize that in a way to have it become a strength in a way so that you don’t actually get held down by it but it feels you going to the next stage.

3. Find a Learning Mindset

Christian: Why do so many leaders fail?

Jim: You have to get the opportunity to learn. You’re going to fall. You’re going to rip your knees. It’s the ashes stuff man – rising from the ashes. You have to give yourself the opportunity to fall. So that means you have to push yourself.

4. Find Help in Others

But you also have to know that you’re going to get up – because you will get up. And how do you get up?

You get up a lot easier when you have others to help you. So it’s not just sitting there in isolation.

5. Try Baking

Somebody said I have a lot of hobbies. So I love to cook – spending time in the kitchen. I picked up baking again – which I hadn’t done in forever.

Christian: Banana bread? I hear it’s the big thing.

Jim: I haven’t done that yet. But we’ve done some shortcakes, some things that for me – I haven’t really explored in – so that’s been fun.

6. Exercise Regularly

And also, I exercise on a regular basis – to me that’s vitally important to your mental health. Unfortunately, we don’t do enough of that.

And so, for me, I would probably say the past 8 years at least 5 times a week I do some form of either weightlifting, running, something to be able to keep myself physically fit. Because what I find is – the whole mental stress and ability to think – I can do that at times when I otherwise can’t.

7. Try Gardening

Also, garden. That’s something that’s very calming, very therapeutic. You have to get outside, you have to get your heart pumping, you have to also release your mind and focus on other things that are not work or family-related – because both those can be big stressors.

8. Help Others Pick Themselves Up

Some people are self-starters. Some people can motivate and kickstart themselves and get themselves out of a rut. That’s not the majority of people. So, therefore, you need to seek and reach out and help others and be part of a community. It’s so important for you to get a different perspective.

What you do have to do is pick yourself up. At least start with that.

Summing Up

This has been Jim Rembach’s advice on how you can pick yourself up – which rings especially true during these times of COVID-19. If you felt that his advice is useful, be sure to check his podcast – Fast Leader – and of course you can listen to the whole talk between Christian here or by using the Spotify link above.

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