VIDEO: You Have to Give Customers the Option of Text Channels
with Thomas Laird

christian montes

Christian Montes
Executive Director of Sales at NobelBIz

The world of contact centers is rapidly changing and if you’re not offering text-based channels and social media integrations, you’re lagging behind. Read or listen to what Tom has to say about that here!

christian montes

Thomas Laird
CEO of Expivia Interaction

Let’s chat about how YOUR contact center can be successful!

Christian Montes:

As we’ve talked about: the form that a lot of people are communicating – everything from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter – you know all these other social mediums. Or even in their handheld devices.

When it comes to the discussion starting to migrate there more obviously than when it was from an adoption standpoint, but also – it’s getting better vs what it was. And you’re getting a more true omnichannel experience versus just multichannel interactions before. In that world though, what advice would you give to businesses that are looking to implement this more text, type-oriented communication versus voice.

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Tom Laird:

I think it’s a no-brainer. And the cost- you guys know too – it’s not much more. I think there’s a lot of laziness. And a lot of complacency of “this is kinda how we done it.” We’ve seen a lot of, even on the flipside, a lot of organizations that start and all they do is text or all they do is email and evolve then to voice.

It’s like this double evolution.

And then these legacy organizations that have been around have just done voice and now they’re starting to get into the digital, into the texting, into the chat. So as you said – any organization that you go with from an outsourcing standpoint, or any software that you get – you have to be able to give customers the option [of channels] now.

I think the days of “this is how we do customer service and these are the channels that we’re gonna offer” ore over. It’s just because people are scared or nervous or they’ve never done it, but again we just talked about how the reps were struggling with soft skills – one thing they’re really good at is typing and texting in chat.

So we have found that a lot of those guys they’re really good at it, they’re really fast at it, they can work six or seven chats at the same time. Because that’s kind of how their brain has kind of been programmed through the technology that everybody’s been using.

If those reps are starting to get really good at it, that means your customers are starting to get really good at it and that’s becoming more of a preferred channel.

Voice is still king. And we still see it. But chat is right there.

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