Picking The Right Program The First Time

With so many options in the industry for different Channel Programs, people often ask me how to pick the right channel partner.

What are the factors? As you may already know, not all Agent Programs offer the same incentives and opportunities. As a rule of thumb, what matters most to channel partners is to have a good commission structure, product differentiation, and sales support.

Consider these key factors when signing up as an agent for a telecommunications provider:

  • Uncapped Commissions

  • Pick a Recognized Carrier

  • Diverse Portfolio

  • Ongoing Training

  • Pre & Post-Sale Support

1. Uncapped Commissions

One of the most important features of a Channel Program is to have a predictable, recurring revenue stream. Look for unlimited commission opportunities, as well as achievable bonuses and incentives. Also, keep in mind how residuals are handled. Are they offered for the life of the customer, or are they limited in some way? Consider whether buy-ins or quotas are required; not all programs have these, which could affect your success as an agent.

2. Pick a Recognized Carrier

Working with a company that has experience and offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure is a critical factor when choosing a partner. These type of companies understand the type of products that your customers require to meet their complex compliance and security needs. Look for companies positioned in the marketplace to offer compliant telecommunications meeting current and emerging regulations. Carriers recognized for their excellence and market share give customers confidence in the solutions you offer, solidifying your value as an agent.

3. Diverse Portfolio

Pick a solutions provider that offers not only award-winning but also patented products that will offer you an edge over the competition and bring you more commissions. Offering an array of fairly-priced solutions also gives you more ways to help customers achieve their goals. For example, adding a solution such as NobelBiz Shield of Services to a company’s usual offerings allows more flexibility in meeting their needs. This flexibility helps increase customer satisfaction, sales, and agent earning potential.

4. Ongoing Training

Companies willing to invest in your education of their products are committed to your success. They see this as an investment to grow your and their customers. It is in a company’s best interest to provide tools for your productivity, even offering agent mentors. Ongoing support for you as an agent augments the company’s reputation in the industry, which is an advantage to you all.

5. Pre & Post-Sale Support

If you run into an out of the box situation, you want to make sure your solutions provider supports you through the entire time, and strategizes with you when it comes to gaining a big customer. Not every carrier offers guaranteed uptime. Having access to technical support is a perk that is extremely important if you want to grow your accounts. Reputable companies offer 24/7 technical support, provided by the most talented and seasoned telecom professionals (such as NobelBiz support). Such companies may include channel-dedicated and local account management.

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