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The Hosted Solution for Success

Carrier-level call routing designed specifically for large contact centers

When calls come in to your contact center, your goal is a simple one – help the customer address their need quickly and satisfactorily, whether it’s regarding technical support, product information, service descriptions, billing, etc. There are many solutions—but all have limitations in how intelligent the automated call distributor (ACD) or interactive voice response system (IVR) can be. Until now.

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We can’t use just any provider

We need a hosted solution that is built to take the volume our customers demand.

The Most Innovative Company You Never Heard Of.

Innovation in your wrist

NobelBiz’s technology empowers engagement centers. Through its modularized cloud contact center, business intelligence, call routing, and customer engagement software, NobelBiz provides companies with customizable tools to better serve customers and consumers alike.

[NobelBiz] is a great tech company that provides the backbone and support for a lot of our endeavors. – Dave Shapiro, President, HKT Teleservices

World Class Telco

Great quality and features that make a difference

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Productivity + Compliance

Understand the changing environment around compliance

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Business Intelligence

Turn business data into real decision-making intelligence

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NobelBiz is Better Business

NobelBiz offers a unique mix of inbound and outbound technologies that work together seamlessly to create better business for contact centers.

With NobelBiz, agents can make more calls, increasing the number of productive contacts-per-hour by each agent. With intelligent routing solutions and supporting technologies, managers can better allocate resources that impact key KPI’s. The resulting increase in contacts and reduction of costs helps leaders meet their goals.

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