Christian MontesExecutive Director of Sales at NobelBiz | Contact Center Technology Company

Call BlockingCertification and Registration alone is not enough, but it is one important foundational piece.

My first article took a deep dive into the call labeling and blocking ecosystem and touched on this first area, Certification and Registration.

In my second article I went into more detail on what Certification and Registration does for you. Now that the background and foundation has been set we can build upon it in two additional areas that impact your business.

3 areas that can impact being labeled or blocked:

  1. Certifying your brand and registering your numbers (covered in my previous article)
  2. Number management (How you manage your numbers makes a difference)
    Some sample behavior that may trigger being labeled or blocked:
    •   Using the same number(s) for more than one client, department or line of business
    •   Constantly swapping out numbers
    •   Accidentally using dedicated inbound numbers for outbound calls
  3. Dialing strategy (Your dialing strategy makes a difference)
    Some sample behavior that may trigger being labeled or blocked:
    •   High volume of call attempts in a short period of time
    •   Dialer retry rules
    •   Abandoning calls before they reach voicemail

Some of the above examples are standard practice for many companies yet they may be triggers for calls to get flagged and possibly labeled or blocked.

To use an analogy think of making calls today like taking a college exam and submitting it without your name. You do the work and you send it off but no one knows whose exam it is and you don’t get any feedback on how you did.

Certifying and registering would be like putting your name on the test and getting feedback on how you did. This is a great first step as now you are known and you have feedback.

Areas two and three would be like studying for the test and how you answer the questions.

By knowing how your numbers are perceived in the ecosystem you can have more visibility to see what, if any, changes you should make to your number management and dialing strategies. Changes that may improve performance, protect your brand, and maintain a foot print that may keep you looking less like an illegal robocaller.

Consumers want to know who is calling and why. They want to avoid illegal and unwanted calls and have the option to answer or call back wanted and important calls. Providing more transparency and context into your dialing may become the standard expectation by consumers when communicating via the voice channel and a requirement once STIR/SHAKEN is implemented.

Since most call originators don’t have the time, resources, staff and expertise to manage these 3 areas, what has resonated with companies I have connected with is the ability to work with one company who provides numbers, tools to manage them, certifies their brand, registers their numbers, delivers their calls and doing so via one contract, one invoice, one group of support resources and at an attractive cost.

NobelBiz is unique in its ability to deliver such a combination because we are a technology provider and carrier that can also certify and register in one place.

As the call labeling and blocking ecosystem evolves, and it does daily, you need to be able to troubleshoot when calls get mislabeled, track down who is doing it, know who to talk to and what data to look at to investigate new players in the space or changes with current players.

The visibility NobelBiz has in delivering your calls, providing your numbers and delivering number management solutions in combination with registration and certification provides visibility, tools, and a single point of contact to help you navigate this new and changing ecosystem.

If you would like to know more about our solutions please check out our website and connect with one of our experts.