The [R]Evolution of the Contact Center

An objective examination on technology, regulations and consumers behavior

Expert voices and thought leaders from different levels within the contact center industry bring you their unique insights and perspectives. Sharing decades of experience, coupled with modern analytics and insight, this content is fresh, engaging, and informative—an invaluable reference for you and your business.

Steven Bederman, NobelBiz

The [R]Evolution Has Already Begun.

We’re capturing insights from thought leaders at different levels in the Contact Industry

The [R]Evolution of the Contact Center is a program for thought leaders in the contact center industry—a thought-provoking series of posts, videos, webinars, and other digital content that contributes toward an understanding of what comes next.

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Professionals from throughout the Contact Center industry, in every position, from every company, can contribute the learning of others. Regulations, technology, consumer behavior, and best practices provide many opportunities for you to share your insights and expertise.

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