Karl Walder | Vice President of Innovation at NobelBiz® | Contact Center Technology Company

Navigating the Contact Center Ecosystem and evaluating the products/services they offer can leave you confused and uncertain about whether or not they are the best fit to support your business. Additionally, it can make it even more difficult to understand and measure the success of your current provider. Ask yourself these few basic questions to help determine if your provider is meeting your business needs….


Value Proposition1. For the price you pay are you getting the value you expected?

Be your own advocate and hold your contact center technology provider accountable. At NobelBiz® we can help you determine where your provider is falling short and offer solutions that put you in control of your companies success.


CRM Tech2. Does your current provider understand your business enough to configure and advise you on how to meet your performance goals?

Guided workflow experiences assures your agent’s cover everything required in the conversation. This also reduces your agent training time when on-boarding new initiatives and campaigns.


Product Integration3. How did your integration to your other systems turn out?

Use either web services or secure ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) connections to external applications to combine your customer data into a unified view of you customer across your enterprise.