by Karl Walder | EVP of Innovations | 6/5/19

Direct and implied permission is the foundation for building trust in your communication. Registering your numbers with the carrier ecosystem ensures your legitimacy. By using our telco services, it allows you to purchase and register your phone numbers when they are provisioned on our global carrier network.

Local Caller ID

Local Caller ID adds the familiar element- even if the consumer might not recognize the number.  The trick is that it gives you the ability to rotate legitimate numbers registered in the carrier ecosystem. The phone number rotation has two important advantages:

  • For collections, a local number gives debtors a higher probably of answering and a return call.
  • Proactive service notification calls using a local number helps build an intimate branding presence for your company

Be careful. Over-dialing a specific registered caller ID can still be labeled as abuse if it exceeds the frequency rules of everchanging algorithms. Be careful. Over-dialing a specific registered caller ID can still be labeled as abuse if it exceeds the frequency rules of everchanging algorithms.

  • Automated local number rotation helps in preventing this. This will assure you limit the frequency of calls from a particular caller id limiting the probability of the number being flagged.
  • Setting frequency filters at the carrier level is also solid insurance that you will not over dial from a particular phone number

Silent Voicemail

Voicemail is still an effective tool due to its indirect contact with consumers. In our research, many consumers enable privacy on their phones so only calls on their contact list can go through. However, our Silent Voicemail allows you to bypass it and leave a message without the phone even ringing. There is a higher likelihood consumers will listen to their voicemail because:

  • Consumers will know exactly why you called.
  • It allows you to use Voice Messaging for both a volume campaign and one-on-one follow up calls
  • Leaving a voice mail message without the intrusion of a ring will also provide an uplift in return calls.

SMS Texting

SMS is crucial to your proactive contact. It’s a beneficial tactic that can target a specific consumer and be equally as effective for broader campaigns. Here’s why:

  • SMS campaigns are great for your initial contact notification.
  • In account ownership scenarios, one on one SMS messages from your team also increases the probability of a return contact to move your workflow process forward.
  • It uses both a return call link or path to a self-service website as part of your call avoidance strategy.

SMS incorporated into your agent workflow for intimate one on one contact is shown to increase contact rate in account ownership scenarios.

  • For collections, this would be high debtor balance or skip tracing.
  • Inside sales teams that own the customers provide another intimate way to communicate unobtrusively.
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