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NobelBiz Logo Black with Tagline- BlackWith the New Season, NobelBiz® Springs into Action as it Prepares Contact Centers for Major Announcement

NobelBiz®, the nation’s leading combined contact center telco carrier and technology telephony provider, renowned for its LocalTouch® contact optimization services, today revealed that they are in the final stages of acquiring a well-known Hosted Contact Center company.

Steve Bederman, President of NobelBiz®, has been recognized as an industry leader in, both, building Hosted telephony technologies and growth through acquisition. He underlined, “There are times it is valuable to acquire a recognized footprint in this industry. As contact centers begin to adopt new methods to maintain/improve contacts, reduce overhead, expand from voice to omni channels, and data analytics it becomes necessary to combine internal development with acquisitions.”
He went on to say that “speed to market with reliable technology, not bleeding edge, but rather well-tested and progressive frameworks, must be considered to facilitate the transitions that contact centers require.”

“You are going to notice NobelBiz® taking a leadership position in the contact center market very quickly. We have seen the gaps in how technology should be, but is not always, presented to contact centers. Ease of implementations being one concern. An inhibitor to change has been the difficulty associated with transitioning from one platform to another.” He underlined this by stating, “Our newest acquisition, and watch in April for the announcement, allows the contact center to actually implement their work groups with a Hosted voice and multi-channel platform in a matter of hours; not days and months. It will be a ‘try it first, test it, use it’ model.”

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