by Karl Walder, EVP of Innovation | June 4, 2019

The TRACED Act reflects FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s main priority to combat illegal robocalls and spoofing.  Another ruling authorized the creation of a reassigned number database to reduce calls made to the wrong consumer. This ruling means carriers could continue to block spam Robotexts. The chairman also led the push to ensure Caller ID authentication this year. It imposed the largest fines in the agency’s history. For example, the agency fined telemarketer Philip Roesel more than $82 million for illegal caller ID spoofing.

According to the 2019 Robocall Investigation Report, nuisance robocalls rose 13% last year while scam and fraud robocalls  decreased 18% in 2018. The decrease in high risk robocalls suggests recent FCC enforcement actions, such as record fines, are starting to have a positive impact.

This illegal activity creates environment where the mobile phone carriers have no choice but to authenticate your Caller ID, meaning carrier ecosystem calls will be blocked. Therefore, the consumer will no longer be inundated with fraudulent and illegal callers.

What does this mean for legitimate businesses that need to maintain their current contacts rates to consumers in the currently deployed iteration of carrier technology? Here’s what you need to know right now:

  • Register your phone numbers with the carrier ecosystem. Otherwise, you are at an increased risk of being improperly labeled and potentially blocked.
  • Consumers are notified via Caller ID with labels like “SCAM CALL”, “TELEMARKETER”, and “COLLECTIONS”.
  • Carriers now actively block calls as the analytics solutions associated with Shaken/Stir online.