The Highly ‘Intelligent’ Contact Center

Contact centers today serve more and more purposes for the larger organization.

They go beyond merely interacting with customers and are tasked with arming sales, marketing, and product development departments; for example, by providing customer insight they can’t obtain anywhere else. Sure, analyst reports can help deliver a broad picture of customer sentiment, but nothing gives you the laser-focused insight like actual customer calls themselves when it comes to why customers are buying, not buying, cancelling, upgrading, and so on.

To date, contact centers have employed contact center analytics solutions to help garner some of this intelligence—a la speech analytics, desktop analytics, and multi-channel analytics (which includes texting, email, chat, and social media interactions). These solutions certainly broaden the scope of insight a contact center can collect on its customers and its operations, but do they provide all of the intelligence possible?

Enterprise-Class Business Intelligence

Enterprise business intelligence products, on the other hand, can analyze unfathomable amounts of data from unlimited data sources on a paramount scale and provide synthesized intelligence you can act upon right away to really move the needle on business performance. This is also why these products typically carry an enormous price tag.

Contact center analytics solutions do an okay job of helping you uncover useful customer trends, performance-inhibiting root causes and the like. But that is more or less where they stop, and rightfully so. It’s not like contact center managers have been clamoring for even more data. With the various contact center analytics solutions many have in place, they already have more than enough data on their hands, perhaps even more than they could ever hope to leverage. However, as business units and managers within firms are starting to see more and more value from their call centers, they are itching for more. These business professionals are already starting to put pressure on call centers to provide a higher level of insight.

Fortunately, the pendulum is starting to swing and now contact centers are starting to benefit from enterprise-class business intelligence solutions designed for contact centers, and at a price they can afford. Think about this for a moment. This shift could elevate contact centers even further within the organization in terms of the company-wide value it will be able to provide.

The Holy Grail…Intelligent Contact Center

In most businesses, the Holy Grail of sales and marketing is getting into the minds of the end buyer. With enterprise business intelligence capabilities at their disposal, contact center managers can now have the analytical capabilities necessary to really tap into the minds of the customer and extract invaluable intelligence which business users within the company will be thrilled about.

Instead of paying thousands and thousands of dollars for analyst reports, which only provide an industry perspective on potential buyers, companies will now be able to dissect the buying habits of their very own customers on both a grand and very precise level. This is big, and it’s ushering in a new era in the contact center – one that casts the emergence of the “highly Intelligent” Contact Center.

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